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  1. dirtyone30

    DR-Z 400 S vs DR-Z 400SM

    I was faced with the same dilema. I went with the S model for the following reasons: they can be had much cheaper than the trendy SM one. you can spec your own wheels instead of the zuki factory ones that are quite heavy. you can have 2 sets of wheels without any hassle. the side stand will work -just- with both wheel sizes. until you have the cash for the sm wheels the S makes a great fun bike on the road that you can push surprisingly far on the corners, the trailwing tyres are pretty good on the road but pants off it... In short i saved £2,000 buying a 2 yr old S, leaving me plenty of cash spare for the exhaust, wheels, tyres, gaering, jetting and other bits... Bargain!
  2. dirtyone30

    Servicing DRZ S K3 at 7500 Miles

    Ok it's the time for a service, apart from the usual plug, oil, chain and sprockets what else should i be doing or looking out for ? Also any tips for plug and oil change ? I know the plugs a bit of a bugger to get at... Cheers...
  3. dirtyone30

    UK spec 3x3 mod question

    Is the spec for a UK bike the same as the US model as far as the carb goes. I was going to to do the 3x3 mod but am unsure as to whether i need to rejet etc... I pulled the side panel on the bike and went for a quick run up my road and it pulled much harder in 1,2,3 - ran out of road so couldn't get to 4th-. I am at 180m asl . Also does anyone know of a UK stockist for the jetting kit if i need it, my local MX shop says they can't get them... cheers...
  4. Anyone have any advice on other possible causes of a bad starter, before i go and bang £45 down for a new battery... It's a drz400s k3, 7k on the clock and used every day to commute. I've had the bike a couple of months now and about 3 weeks ago i noticed that when starting the bike it was sounding laboured; like it had a tired battery. I bought an optimate and have given a good charge both on and off the bike. This is normally enough to get it started fine in the morning but after 1 trip to work when i come to start it in the eve she's very near to needing a bump start. I'm new to bikes with no kicky so have no idea where to start for fault finding other than rev it and see if the bulb glows brighter - which it doesn't ! Anyone got any advice, tips, where to start looking etc.??? or do i just buy the new battery... By the way the optimate has 2 green lights in the morning if i plug the battery in and leave it overnight... Don't you just love newbie questions?
  5. dirtyone30

    Fuel Tank capacity

    Just till i had to switch to reserve, i think reserve is only 1 litre? but i'm probably wrong...
  6. dirtyone30

    Fuel Tank capacity

    I have had the bike for a couple of weeks now and it's great. 03 400S. I have a couple of questions: The stated fuel tank capacity is 10 litres but she only took 7.5 at the pump? Is the brake pedal adjustable or does anyone have any idea if someone makes an adjustable setup, i'm tall and the brake pedal sits in an awkward position for me...
  7. dirtyone30

    Think i just ruined my stock pipe !

    Bugg*r thought as much. I'm in edinburgh, but i reckon i can get it welded back together, i was pretty careful when cutting it so it's a nice clean hole. Although If you have a pipe going cheap then maybe that would be a better solution... Cheers for the heads up though...
  8. I have just taken a 1"3/8 hole saw to the end cap of my 03 S model exhaust, to try and remove the baffle... First i removed the 3 allen headed screws and the chrome cap came off, exposing a very rusty exhaust end cap, sticking out of the middle was a pipe about 1" in diameter, the pipe goes deep into the pipe. I cut a neat 1"3/8 whole arround the narrow pipe tip, BUT it's still attached... i thought this would come out of the exhaust? Have i just goosed my exhaust? Or have i got something else to do to remove the baffle? If you haven't guessed i'm new to this. Only got the bike last week... Love it already...