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  1. quick 30 second video from yesterdays ride
  2. I am an avid rider and fabricator in Zimmerman MN, I have been building and testing Snow conversion kits for dirt bikes for the last 4 yrs. This year I am releasing my kits for sale and doing a pre order program right now. At this point I do not have all the bikes out there spec'd out for my kits, in other words I don't have the correct measurements for every bike to allow me to just build a kit and send it out. So, I am thinking that I might need to get a couple bikes in my shop for a week this summer to design the fit kit for the bike orders I get. So far I have yamahas 250&450s from 99-06, i have the kx500, 2012-2014 ktm 350,450s, and 06 Suzuki rmz450(other years may be the same) I would need the bike for about one week sometime this summer, all I need to do is remove the rear swing arm bolt and shock linkage bolt, and front tire. You will be compensated fairly for letting me borrow your bike. If you decide to buy a kit you will get a discount on the kit. How much is fair you think? If you are interested in a kit check out for more info Thanks, tom
  3. Its finally here, The 2015 kits are ready! What I have come up with is an awesome kit that handles and rides like a dirt bike, it feels like a bike, it responds like a bike. The TKS Snow Kit rips on and off trail ,a kit that is truly universal for any terrain from the trails of New York and Maine to the Mountains of the west! Snow Check runs today through May 1st $4595 gets you a kit delivered Sept 1st, you choose all the kit colors (ski, boogie wheels, ski spindle subframe and side plates) check out the website for more info. or check out our youtube channel
  4. thanks for bringing back some old memories! I have acustomer testing my 2015 kit in colorado right now, when he gets back, we will photo shoot it and post snow check details!
  5. yes snow check starts in march, stay tuned for more details!!
  6. I cant believe I have gotten this far, Thank You to all the REBELS who continue to push the One Ski Revolution, and try new crazy builds, Thank You to some of my good Friends Dirt Rebel, J&L, and others I have met along the way who have given me advice and grief, and, Thank You to Timbersled, 2 Moto, and other companies for starting a revolution!
  7. TKS is giving you an up close and personal photo shoot with the 2014 TKS Snow conversion kit. This year we did a very limited build of 6 kits, so far 3 are ripping up the midwest, one will be next week and we will have 2 more coming soon with one still available for purchase! Hit us up if you want the last one! $3995 follow the link to see more pics
  8. I agree the UFO kit does look pretty cool and has some real potential, but the price is a little hard to swallow, hopefully it all comes together and Justin sticks with it. He took on a huge project building 50 kits right out of the gate. I decided to build 6 for my fist year and I still feel like I am in over my head lol! I still have 2 kits @ $3995 any bike, my kit uses only the stock bike shock and it does not have to be revalved, it doesnt even need to be taken out!!
  9. special!!!!! custom powder coating with purchase, whatever colors you want!
  10. Ur right, the hard part is that is what it takes to build them, my cost for parts is $3000 and it takes me about40hrs to get one built
  11. The track I am running now is a challenger 121x2x12, but I am open to try anothe track if you have one or a different one in mind
  12. We can build one for that, it would be a few weeks to finish it up, and get it powder coated to colors you choose, $3995 plus shipping!
  13. All good reports so far! No issues yet! I am sure we can figure out shipping, I can't imagine it being too hard, maybe just a little more expensive. What kinds of bike are you thinking about running?