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  1. jughead182

    2012 wr450

    I can cruise at 80 well below 1/2 throttle but brilliant on the twisties lol 17 inch wheels or standard?
  2. jughead182

    Lets see your husaburgs.

    650 on supermoto! Some fun!
  3. jughead182

    Lets see your husaburgs.

  4. jughead182

    2012 wr450

    Any one know top speed of wr450 on road with supermoto wheels! Have yz450 2010 on road gearing 14 38 goes over 100mph
  5. jughead182

    White Bikes!

    my 09 yam 450 now have a2010
  6. jughead182

    My New YZ450 08

    i,m in northern ireland , have,nt even got the bike run in yet ..............
  7. jughead182

    07 YZ450 Engine Noise?

    i now have an 08 very very quiet i had noise in my 07 but stupid me iforgot to drain oil throught both drain bungs , after a complete oil change everything ok , stripped the motor everthing in tip top shape bullet proof riding yamaha since 1995 love them
  8. jughead182

    My New YZ450 08

    the date on the camera was wrong lol
  9. jughead182

    My New YZ450 08

    here,s my 07 when it was new
  10. jughead182

    My New YZ450 08

    apparrently this 08 silencer no matter what lenght is killing power to reduce noise........ i had a 4:1 on my 07 450 awsome , i,m in ireland
  11. ok guys posted before fmf 4.1 damaged outer cannister on it can i buy a new outside for it ,somebody must know please reply
  12. i have an 07 yzf 450 yamaha , i got the rear silencer damaged ,is there anywhere i can buy the outer can ???????
  13. jughead182

    my new o7 yamaha

    could,nt get 07 ones yet