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  1. So i'm looking at getting a WR250F or XR250/400. The one WR i'm looking at right now has about 1100KM (700 miles)(2002 model) If a four stroke bike were properly maintained and not ridden to hard, how many K can you usually expect out of a engine before problems start to occur? 1100K seems like a lot to me, but if it were a regular vehicle it would be a joke to consider that a lot of K. Any help would be great, just don't want to buy something and then learn the engines almost done.
  2. chillbc

    Model Changes

    I've heard the only changes to the XR made from 96-2004 were graphics, is that correct? How about the XR400, is it in the same boat being the same from 96-04? I'm thinking about getting one but want to know the differences in the years and what to look out for, or if there's a 'bad year' or something, thanks. Is the 250 more reliable than the 400 or vice versa?
  3. chillbc

    XR250 and XR250R

    Simple enough, all I wanted to know, thanks.
  4. chillbc

    XR250 and XR250R

    What's the difference between these two? I've done a lot of searching on the net and can't come up with anything. I'm sure it's a stupid easy question to answer.
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    I'd consider the xr250r but I can't even find it on the honda site so I know very little about it. What's it equal to? Is it something like the ttr-250?
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    So i'm going to get into my first bike soon and am a little stuck on what to get. I'm sold on a 4 stroke, but it's either the CRF230 or CRF250X. Yes a big difference I know. If I get the first i'll upgrade sooner or later so I might just go and buy exactly what I want first. The only thing that i'm hesitant on is i've heard the 250's are high maintenance and a lot more complex compared to a 230 and not as reliable. I'm just wondering if this is true and how much more maintenance they really are, and is it that much more complex or pricy? If I could get some straigt answers that would be awesome, because I can't make up my mind for the last few months and it's driving me nuts. Thank you all who respond!
  7. chillbc

    YZ250F light?

    Well since the search engine won't work, I thought i'd post a quick question here. I'm looking at getting either a wr250f or crf250x, basically whatever one I see for sale first at a reasonable deal. What I was wondering however is, is it possible to add lights to a yz250f? I want a bike strictly for off road use and maybe a little on road use but no racing or anything like that so it needs to have a light for up in the hills. When looking in the classifieds around here I see about 20 yzf's for every wrf so I was just thinking about swapping a few things to make a yzf more like a wrf. Do the yzf's handle well on the trails or are there major differences? Still pretty new to all this stuff until I get my first bike! Any info on the differnence between the two or if it's even worth trying to convert one would be great, thanks.