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  1. i also have a 2004 and its damn near impossible to start, also backfires when i try and kick it over and has a clacking or a knocking which kind of scares me, i bought the bike used so i dont know all of its history. i figure its the valves too, are their any better valves i can replace mine with?
  2. i just started it up and ran it for about 10 minutes. i warmed it up and it idled fine and i just left it running, never rode it around but i could hear the valves ticking
  3. ya i checked out a honda dealer today and stock valves were about $40 to $50 a pop, where is a good place online for parts?
  4. ouch dude, that sucks big time, at least you got everything signed and in writing so that will make the process easier, still shitty situation though. if it makes you feel any better i was hopin to go to the dunes this weekend lol but im a broke ass and have alot of bills to pay off so i guess thats not going to happen with a broken bike
  5. i'd buy new if i could but i couldnt pass up $3500 for only $79 a month....so bein 19, thats what i get lol
  6. ya the joys of buying a used bike lol, at least i get to tear things apart and learn
  7. i've heard alot of problems with the valves on the 04's, kicking it is pretty light, i dont know if its bad compression or just my head, i got used to kicking a 400 so who knows. i just bought it used the other day and it was a race bike, i'll have to pull it apart and mess with it for a bit
  8. i just bought a 04 crf250R, it kicks over pretty easy and idles alright, but after i warm it up ill be riding and pull in the clutch and it will immediately die without sputtering or anything, after that it wont kick over, i have to let it sit for a few minutes before it will start again, it does it whether its choked or not, any ideas?