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  1. gksam63

    Rekluse clutch dep quickshift combination

    Hi, thanks for the comments. i think i will go the rekluse clutch first and take it from the there. overall the comments i have read about them are very good. i need all the help i can get going up hills when i go bush bashing. thanks again Greg
  2. Hi, I was wondering if anybody has a rekluse clutch and a DEP quickshift fitted to their bike and if so how well does it work. I have a 2004 RMZ-250 and have started racing again in the vetrans class. Use to race years ago but my daughter has started racing motocross so i thought i would start again in the old mans class. Anyway if anybody has this combination fitted it would be great to hear how this combination works. thanks Greg
  3. gksam63

    RMZ-250 04 Model

    Hi, If the problem does return i will just go and replace the cdi with a new one. thanks Greg
  4. gksam63

    RMZ-250 04 Model

    Just a followup, went to the local suzuki dealer about the recall but they said it did not affect my model. Replaced the spark plug. drained the fuel. set the float levels. recheck valve clearances. Have raced it twice since the problem started and it all seems fine. so hopefully the fault wont return. End of the day i have no idea what was really wrong.
  5. gksam63

    RMZ-250 04 Model

    cool, thanks for that as that is one thing i haven't done.
  6. gksam63

    RMZ-250 04 Model

    My rmz seems to have acquired a intermittent fault where the engine just stops but then once i kick her over a few times she starts right up again and is as good as new for a few laps and then same again. i have replaced the spark plug, done the valves, cleaned the air cleaner, checked for any wires, earthing,changed the fuel but could not find anything wrong. So i am not sure what to look for next. has anybody had this problem before and if so what was wrong. To me it seems like a electrical prob em. The bike is stock except for race tech suspension and pro taper bars so i don't think that is the problem. Any help would be much appreciated on this one. thanks Greg