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    Just picked up an XR400 (Please Read - Help)

    I'm not too sure. the Kx was super clean. I had to do a little TLC on the XR. Kelly Blue Book on the Kx was $1650 and on the XR was $2150, or something close to that. But I think I got the better end of the deal...........

    Just picked up an XR400 (Please Read - Help)

    Thanks. Can't wait until spring gets here so I can get on it a bit and see how it does. I thought it was a pretty good swap for a KX100. The motor purrs like a kitten and the trans/clutch work perfectly too. The bike was pretty much babied, the previous just never did much to it but oil changes and tires. There wasn't even a speck of dirt in the air box. We got a couple inches of snow over night and the possibility of 4"-8" Friday night into Saturday morning. I don't think it's forecasted to make it as far north where you are though.

    Just picked up an XR400 (Please Read - Help)

    Thanks for the replies guys. I checked out that one link and it seems that it explains the position of lever for the Harley. I have read that the lever should be approx 1/4" above the A/P and I've read that the screw should be turned all the way in. With the screw all the way in, the lever doesn't contact the A/P until better than 1/2 throttle. Oh yeah, I also noticed that the "spray" from the A/P was hitting the left side of the carb. I adjusted that so the spray now sprays directly at the needle. I guess I'll have to play around with it once the weather breaks and find the optimum position for it?? scott-01-xr400 ---- I'm in Whitmore Lake. Just 2 miles east of US 23 and a mile north of North Territorial (Washtenaw Co.) if you're familiar with the area. Thanks again. Eric
  4. Hey folks. I just recently obtained a 2001 XR400R. I traded my daughter's 2004 KX100 straight up for it since she doesn't ride the KX much anymore. Anyway, it was in pretty good shape when I got it but the gas tank was full of deteriorated petcock filter pieces that got sucked into the carb (36mm Mikuni pumper from XR's Only bought/installed by the previous owner in 2007). I cleaned the tank, removed/cleaned the carb, installed new OEM petcock, gasket, etc. The previous owner also installed a Uni air filter, removed the snorkel, and installed a Honda muffler tip (the one without the baffle/larger opening). I changed the oil with Amsoil, put in a new spark plug, and put on some new plastics and a black gripper seat cover. The bike hasn't been beaten on, trail ridden only, but the previous owner probably just rode it, power washed it, sprayed it with lube and parked it. I had to clean out the cables (clutch, throttle, compression release), remover the sub frame and cleaned/greased all bearings, axles, etc., adjusted the front/rear suspension and sag. The stock chain/sprokets are still in good condition but I still might replace them in the spring. New tires put on in August last year. It's lookin' good now and starts on the 2nd/3rd kick every time. I'm just curious about this pumper carb deal. When exactly should that white plastic lever actually activate the A/P "pump pin?" I haven't really gotton a chance to get on it much since it's the middle of winter here in Michigan. Any advice/help on the carb woulb be appreciated. I'm an old 2 stroke guy...............Thanks