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  1. pba123

    Lets see some hondas

    2006 crf450r 2005 cr250r
  2. pba123

    4 stroke - 2 stroke switch

    I have an 06 crf450r and recently got a 2005 cr250. I had the same intentions; racing the 450 and practicing with/ playing around on the 2 stroke. The 250 is an absolute blast to ride and will keep you off of the 450 for a while. It is a great combination of bikes to have because they are both very capable and serve a very broad range of riding. I would definitely buy an 05-07 if you can find one. Keep the 450 and set up the 250 to do whatever suites you best. Good luck
  3. Here's my poor attempt. If you look closely, the tank is carbon fiber pattern.
  4. pba123

    do you guys think?

    Can you explain how?
  5. pba123

    Chevy Silverado 5.3 or 5.7?

    I own a 1999 silverado with the 5.3. Great truck all around. I am averaging 18.5 and have got up to 20.5..its 2wd btw
  6. pba123

    Tough Trucks

    On my father's 88 22r toyota pickup he put 550,000 miles on it before trading it in for a 2001 tacoma. The truck still ran like a top. On his current 2001, he has already put 375,000 miles and it is still running great. With a valve adjustment about 30,000 miles ago, he said it ran like the day he bought it.
  7. pba123

    Video I made

    Are you going to get the black wheels/ red hubs as shown in the photoshop?
  8. pba123

    I'm wearing my helmet

    Probably hit the stoplight
  9. pba123

    I'm wearing my helmet

    Where was it?
  10. pba123

    cr250 trouble

    I went to all of the local shops today and got ahold of the 390 main jet, but couldn't find a 35 slow. I want to ride tomorrow and won't be able to get a 35 until next week. What settings should I run for tomorrow using a 390 main, but not the 35 slow?
  11. pba123

    Best Budget Jumper in RED :)

    I am the same size as you and currently own a 2006 crf450r and just got a 2005 cr250r. It is very easy to tell how much lighter the 250 is. The bike jumps great and feels feathery in the air, but the stock springs are too soft for our weight. With a simple spring swap front and rear, it would be an outstanding bike to jump with. The power is perfectly suited for desert riding and with modifications it only gets better. Definitely look for a cr250...I would look for a 2005 - 2007.
  12. pba123

    cr250 trouble

    Thank you very much for the charts! I am going to jet for about 5000 feet with an average temperature of 70 F.
  13. pba123

    cr250 trouble

    I will probably end up buying the kit in the future. Can anyone help me out with some other suggestions?
  14. I recently acquired a 2005 cr250r. I seem to be having some jetting issues and would like to get them resolved. I am willing to just go out and buy the JD kit, but I would prefer to save some money and just buy single OEM jets and parts. Current Jetting all standard Air Screw: 2 turns out Slow Jet: #40 Jet Needle: 6DGY26-65 Needle Clip: 3rd groove Main Jet: #420 Float Level: .030 (7.5mm) Carb ID Number: TMX11A The bike is a 2005 Honda CR250R Using 32:1 Pro Honda HP2 FMF SST FMF Turbine Core 2 Twin Air Filter My location Elevation: 5000-7000 ft Humidity: About 25% Type of Riding: Moto tracks + desert The bike is very hard to start and fouls plugs. Cold starting is somewhat easier than hot. When starting, gas pours out of the drain tubes even before applying any throttle. Will not idle. I appreciate any help I can get:worthy: