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  1. footindave

    What to do??

    I currently have a like new 2006 ktm exc 450 that is dialed with 105 hrs and am buying another 06 exc also like new with 43 hrs on it which one would you guys keep?? it sounds like a no brainer but when you think about swapping the bars, skid plate steering dampener jd jet kit fork springs etc will it be worth it to save 70hrs on a bike? just looking for some opinions?
  2. footindave

    float level on 01 cr250??

    Can anyone give me the specs on float level on mikuni on my 01 250 before i install the jd jet kit???????
  3. footindave

    2001 cr250 jd jet kit or kehinpwk???

    holy moly batman that seems quite lean but who am I to judge!!!! I will keep you guys posted after the jet kit is installed.
  4. footindave

    2001 cr250 jd jet kit or kehinpwk???

    Well I did order a jd jet kit but I also did a couple things last night. I dropped the clip to #2 slot and went to 32 pilot and went up to 430 main which is confusing to me because stock is 420 so why add gas unless it has to do with changing the clip. I did warm her up and she def runs alot cleaner down low and went good up and down the road but Until I ride it good and put her under load I will not know for sure. I went with the jet kit because he said if I was not happy i could return it for full price and use the money for his kehin and jd kit already installed.
  5. Finally wrang out the garage queen 01 and it loads up like crazy down low and just blubbers. so question is after doing several searches what is the consenses buy a kehin from thumpertalkw/ jd jet kit for 200 or just a jd jet kit for the mikuni?? this thing is a terd compared to my 2000.
  6. footindave

    need a little help

    I can all but guantee its on the stock jettting, so i will look at that next, anyone have good reccomendations on good jetting for this bike at sea level.
  7. footindave

    need a little help

  8. footindave

    need a little help

    Ok so I bought the 2001 cr250 I was referring to in an earlier post from a friend , this bike came out of the crate in 06 and has been ridden twice in its life, bike is showroom new. Problem! I get her home drain old gas, lube everything up starts on 2nd kick great .. I let her warm up good take it up and down the road and after pulling in driveway I got oil spoog comming out the tailpipe and from where the muffler meets the exhaust. Question? is this common for a bike that has been idle most of its life ?? or should I look farther.?? i am temted to ring her out friday and see if this continue any help is appreciate..
  9. footindave

    What would you do?

    I have a very very nice 2000 cr 250 that I have about 1500.00 into it and it is all original and I was approached to buy buy a friends 2001 that is showroom new with only 3 tanks of gas ever put through it for 1800.00. So the question is sell mine for 1500 or 1600 and spend the extra couple hundred or just stick with what I got? pros and cons for both bikes besides the carb difference?
  10. footindave

    Best power mod for CR 500

    I will check my records I am pretty sure I can find them and will post the results and the curve, I can tell your it is like riding two different bikes, the pc just pulls from bottom to top where as it almost seems like the stock its like it pulls semi hard down low then straight to (need a new a new subframe) because you are off the back two-stroke powerband hit . If that makes any sense. One of these days I will post a picture of my garage queen 01 500 thats gets riddin about once a year.
  11. footindave

    Best power mod for CR 500

    A pro circuit pipe will smooth out the big hit from stock exhaust, we ran a dyno test on both pipes and stock pipe has a much bigger hit.
  12. footindave

    what flywheel weight 10 or 12

    Setting up a 2000 cr 250 for the woods as a second bike to my ktm exc 450 and was wondering which weight would be better? as far as skill level I would say c or b class
  13. I am looking to rejet my 00 250 from stock jetting for sea level. No mods except a flywheel weight and spark arestor, just looking for a crisp throtttle and am assuming it is jetted rich from the factory 180 main 48 pilot?? is that right
  14. footindave

    How much for a CR500

    I have a like new 2001 cr500 that is a very low hrs, I bought it years ago from a friend who bought it new rode it once and went over backwards then sold it to me. I try and ride it once or twice a year on the dunes which is fun but I am considering selling it but not sure what it is worth.
  15. footindave

    need flywheel weight, and spark arrestor please

    i am looking for a 11 or 12oz but I think I may just order a new stealthy. I guess if I deside that I want to stay with my ktm 4 stroker I can always sell these parts. I am really looking forward to trying this bike.