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  1. NAH, no mushy filter. i even removed the snorkel and nothing improved until i took off the air cover. so what else do you think. thanks alot. chris
  2. okay, my 89 XT was sputtering on hard acceleration. i felt like it was running too rich so i took off the airbox cover. WHAMMO, it runs like a dream. this suggests to me it was too rich and i threw in the extra air to help it out. i would really like to put the cover back on and do it right by adjusting my air/fuel mix. i will paypal $5 to the first person that takes a picture of the needles location and sends it to me. i would like also to know exactly what to do with it. im not naive, and i have a manual. it isnt that much help. so i would really like some support, and would be glad to pay 5 bucks for the service. thanks, chris
  3. hey guys, my bike was running rough on hard accelaratio. i felt like it was choking on too much fuel. so i took off the airbox cover and it ran perfect. what do youthink. should i just leave it off or what. thanks, chris
  4. cdogg31

    xt 350 help!

    but, how do i adjust the jetting to make it run more lean, if that is the problem. thanks corky. chris
  5. just bought my yami xt 350. on hard acceleration the thing would stutter and loose power. i reomoved the air filter cover to give it more air and right away it ran perfect. so what does this mean. i think it means it was running rich and i leaned it out. please tell me how to properly fix this issue so i can put the air cover back on. thanks, chris
  6. cdogg31

    Chinese Dual sports - Where'd you get yours?

    penguin, did you get your starter working again. what are any problems or concerns you are having lately. still looking at at a lifan, still unsure. chris
  7. cdogg31

    Chinese Dual sports - Where'd you get yours?

    chuck, i also am in NC. outer banks area. where are you. i am looking for a good chinese bike. let me know what you are coming up with. thanks, chris
  8. cdogg31

    Chinese Dual sports - Where'd you get yours?

    i have to say i am a little confused here. penguin, have you figured out the year of your bike. all i am seeing is that the 2006 should have the inverted forks. larry advertises and assures of it being a 2006. there isnt a chance he could be selling knock offs is there. also, the warped tire sounds scary, whats the latest. chris
  9. cdogg31

    Chinese Dual sports - Where'd you get yours?

    penguin, please post up some pics and build details for us. does your bike have the number five on the front. whaddya gonna do with that.