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  1. Daltoneious

    Showa SFF Tac Fork

  2. Daltoneious

    2016 front fork conversion kit? or and good setting?

    i've heard that running too much pressure in the outer causes sticktion but when i drop it a couple of psi i loose bottoming resistance. it's really noticeable. With a 30 psi difference between the inner and balance you don't feel like the fork is diving at all coming into corners?
  3. Daltoneious

    2016 front fork conversion kit? or and good setting?

    I tend to tinker with everything too much, but I feel like the forks get stuck in the mid stroke. They feel pretty good in corners but when I try to charge into chop they get really harsh. If I take a few psi out of the balance I lose the stability in corners. Anyone have suggestions? 185 lb A rider. Running 183/17/203 roughly. comp around 14 and rebound around 11
  4. Daltoneious

    2016 KX450F Motor Blow-Up

    If you have a chance to check and let me know that'd be great. I'm interested to see if the vins are close. My buddy has 48 hours on his and got them around the same time and he's had zero problems so fingers crossed!
  5. Daltoneious

    2016 KX450F Motor Blow-Up

    Tony and Tyler, what are the last 4 on your VINs and when did you get the bikes? I picked mine up in September but haven't really been riding until the last few months. Of course I've had an hour meter break and one fall off so I have an "idea" how many hours on the bike. I'm thinking if your vins are close to mine ill pop a new top end in now to prevent any problems.
  6. Daltoneious

    Magura issues on a 12

    After the clutch rebuild i cant shim it enough. Ill get a pic of it installed with it pulled off the mounting bracket. Its excessive to say the least.
  7. Daltoneious

    Magura issues on a 12

    Jason, everything with the 6 spring is good. The actuator arm is exactly like it was before. When i put a brand new oem cable on i hardly had to adjust it. It works fine. Engages and disengages as it should. Ripped two holies on sunday. She hooks right up
  8. Daltoneious

    Magura issues on a 12

    The slave was mounted on the bike but there was so much free play that it might was have not been on the bike. I didnt pull the lever without it mounted but i will try pulling out on the rod like you said. Like i said, the free play went way out of spec(too mich free play)while i was riding. Have you seen that happen before?
  9. Daltoneious

    Magura issues on a 12

    Ill try to get a pic tomorrow of the slave mounted and the amount of freeplay present. I ripped it all off to race this weekend. With the cable set up everything is perfect. Bike rockets off the start. Im pretty confident the slave took a shit in some fashion. I just dont know how to verify that.
  10. Daltoneious

    Magura issues on a 12

    Long story short. During a moto something happened causing the free play on the slave to go from the 2 to 5 mm range to much much greater. Now when the lever is pulled several times it gets rock hard as if your compressing a brake caliper
  11. Daltoneious

    Magura issues on a 12

    I wasnt clear in my initial post. I religiously checked the slave cylinder free play before practice, races, etc. i literally checked it before a moto and it was in spec. During that moto the clutch began acting up and i couldnt get the clutch to disengage. I pulled off and checked the slave. It had way too much free play. Basically i had two separate issues. I knew the clutch was smoked so upon removal i found the pressure plate was smoked and the inner hub was pretty beat as well and decided to go with framebreakers kit. The 6 spring works great. Zero complaints. Im thinking something went in my slave cylinder and thats the issue. Unrelated to the internals of my clutch.
  12. Daltoneious

    Magura issues on a 12

    My clutch was definitely smoked. I replaced everything last week but cannot get my slave freeplay down enough now. I dont even think i wpuld be able to shim it enough
  13. Daltoneious

    2011 CRF450R six spring clutch for $146.00

    I got a 6 spring set up from framebreaker last week for my 12. Really solid kit and he got it to me in time to race this weekend. Great price as well. I unfortunately had to go back to a cable set up from a magura. I think my slave cylinder is smoked. Im looking into it. Framebreaker, What kind of hpsd mods do you do ?
  14. Daltoneious

    Magura issues on a 12

    Ive had the magura hydro on my 12 crf450r for awhile with no issues. I religiously check the free play on the slave and it never changes any noticeable amount. I noticed my clutch starte to slip a little until the bike got nice and hot (maybe a lap). Then as the bike gets hotter or further into a moto the clutch wont fully engage. Pull the lever to the bars and the bike is still pulling a bit. Finally dnfd a moto after i kept stallin it due to the clutch dragging. Checked my slave freeplay as soon as i got off and it was wayyyy too much. I had checked it prior to that moto and it was in spec. I can literally push it all the way to the backside of the kickstart now. After this i replaced inner hub and pressure plate with framebreakers 6 spring and a hinson fiber and steel set up. I cant get the freeplay back in the slave to where it needs to be. Theres way too much. Ive completely flushed the system, theres no air. Anyone had this issue? It seems to me that something has gone bad in the slave
  15. Daltoneious

    3 bikes in a Chevy Silverado?

    you can put all three bikes in forward. use one of your stands or a milk crate to space the middle bike back from the front of the bed. works great.