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  1. yeah, that is the only thing we can come up with too... and yes it is pretty and bright!
  2. So I got a 10 inch led light bar from rigid industries for xmas and was wondering if anyone had any mounting ideas? I have a 09 husky te450, and would still like to run the stock headlight so its still street legal. thanks!! heres the light:
  3. mego32

    For All The SoCal Girls

    So I live in tehachapi, and ride all over the mojave desert. There are so many places to ride around here it is one of the main reasons I live in Tehachapi! So for some places to ride: Jawbone is an awesome place to ride! There are a lot of hills to climb and some pretty technical areas and trails. Also it is such a big area that you can explore out there for days! Dove springs is also a great place to ride. It has less crazy hills than Jawbone and most of the trails that I have ridden out there are wider, like a quad can fit on them. But if you get pretty far out there the trails become more difficult and are sinlge track. You can also ride in Mojave, right off the 14. There are numerous little trails all over the desert over there, but can get crowded at times. One of my favorite places to ride is north of the 58 right where you get on the freeway to head to tehachapi, in those mountains. You take a road to get up the hill and then there are numerous single trails, many with crazy hills, and rocks to climb. The only thing is that in the winter there is snow up there sometimes. From there you can also ride to Jawbone using fire roads or just riding through the hills. The mojave area is such an awesome place to ride and definitely an area that requires multiple trips to really explore. Have fun!
  4. mego32

    "chicks dig scars"

    i feel yeah... i love wearing shorts when i have an awesome bruise or crazy scar on my legs... I think it adds character!!
  5. mego32

    Best Wallpaper

    I agree!!
  6. mego32

    Rode the streetbike today...

    I just got my motorcycle permit and rode a streetbike this weekend and loved it!! I totally think that riding in the dirt for a couple years before getting on the street helped! I can't wait to start exploring the world from the street now
  7. I agree!! Thats probably why no one really went...
  8. mego32

    knee injuries?

    ice it... you dont want to get in the spa yet cause the heat will cause the swelling to increase it. Just ice it for the next 2-3 days... honestly you really should get it checked out though!! you could have torn something!
  9. mego32

    Tech 8 Sizing?

    my tech 8's are my normal shoe size... and i agree with everyone else- they are such awesome boots!!!
  10. mego32

    Happy Friday! Get Out And Ride!

    I am hoping to go out to Mojave or Jawbone for some desert riding this weekend! Just hoping that the wind isn't crazy but its supposed to be in the 70's here in good ole CA!!
  11. mego32

    New Rider in need of help

    I totally agree!! I think the best way to get confident on your bike and develop some skills is to just ride and get to know the bike. If you do have access to a wide open space that will help (less obstacles to avoid!!) Just get out there and ride and next thing you know it will feel completely natural!! Good luck and have fun
  12. mego32


    Very cute babies!! I have a friend who the doctor is going to induce to work around her husbands work schedule! Now a days this seems to be pretty normal... I heard a story when i was taking L & D in nursing school about a doctor who induced a baby a week early so he could go on vacation and he ended up getting the babys due date wrong so the baby was really premature!! So it can go both ways!! kinda scary...
  13. mego32

    Tehachapi to State line

    wow... i live in tehachapi and i haven't heard anything about this... I will have to check it out!!
  14. mego32

    New and this is my intro

    hey! Welcome!! I am kinda new to the forum too but so far love it!! And I am also going to the expo ( i am assuming you are talking about the one in pomona??)...
  15. mego32

    Hello Ladies!! Newbie gal here!

    Yeah i definitely think a 250 would be good for you! I love mine!! It has lots of power but not so much that it feels outta control... gnarley crash!!