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  1. saltair

    Basic setup for an off road bike.

    I went down a tooth on the front sprocket on mine and it made a very pleasant difference in the tight stuff. It does affect your top end though. Ride safe and enjoy the scenery. Saltair
  2. saltair

    drz400e California plates ??

    Related question, I'm thinking about buying a new bike out of state. Is there any problem getting it registered in Calif. A friend owns a dealership in Oregon and I am wanting to give him my business. And, other than helping him out would there be any other advantages. Saltair
  3. My apology Gentleman, No offense, It's a jungle searching these threads and DH, you were asking questions that I was sincerely interestd in. I value Eddies' experience and advice. Thanks again to the both of you, Saltair
  4. Eddie, you're the man. Thanks for your reply, can you recommend a pipe? Saltair
  5. I'd like to jump in on this post. I've got a 05 Calif. DRZ400E that I've rejetted, removed the snorkel from the top of the air box and installed a Twin-air filter. I am wanting to install an aftermarket exhaust, all in the name of more power, but after reading this post I am rethinking that idea. Please help!!! Saltair
  6. saltair

    Just bought Renthal FATBAR...need help mounting

    I used Moose adapters for my Renthal RC Highs Twinwall. Love the new set up.
  7. saltair

    Magnetic Oil Drain Plug

    Well, I got the oil change done and the stock drain plug is magnetic. Sorry to waste your time. The strength of the magnet was minimal. I'll have to trust Suzuki on that one. Checked the oil screen for the first time to find it fairly clean. Ordered a new drain plug from ZT. I used Amsoil Synthetic Motorcycle Oil 10W-40. Can I ask if anyone has had any experience with it or is that another thread? Thanks again for all your help...
  8. saltair

    Magnetic Oil Drain Plug

    Thanks all, I'm changing the oil today before I put the new Hyde skid plate on. Will check to see if the original is magnetic. I too, like spares!!!
  9. saltair

    Magnetic Oil Drain Plug

    Does anyone have a resource for a magnetic oil drain plug that will fit my 05 DRZ 400E?
  10. saltair

    Thumper Talk Skid Plate

    Thank you, that makes alot of sense. Now, if we could get Brian to stock them.
  11. saltair

    Skid Plate?

    Got mine today. Am concerned about the lack of coverage on the left side. I may want to send it back. Thanks for the great site!!!!
  12. saltair

    Thumper Talk Skid Plate

    Just received my TT plate today. I'm in agreement that there is not enough coverage on the left side. I liked the looks of the HYDE plate. Anyone have any comments on it. Looked at their web site but couldn't find much info, ie. what's it made of? TT is a great site and I appreciate all the help out there.
  13. What kit do I need for my 05 Calif. DRZ 400E??? Wayne
  14. Eddie, Could you please provide some advise on how to get a little more performance out of our stock DRZ125L. It back-fires on deceleration, which leads me to believe it's pretty lean. Thank you
  15. GasGas 450, easy to make street legal. Just add turn signals, the wirering is already there.