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    TTR-90 Kickstart Problem

    Did you say your 20. And its your TTR90.
  2. watzupdogs

    New to TTR

    Thanks guys for the responses. The bike did feel small and even just setting on it the springs went down to low. What about a TTR230. Its a little more money but I think I would be happier with it in the long run. I figure by the time I upgrade the springs and do a couple of mods to it I'll be close to the price of the stock 230. Thanks again for the replys.
  3. watzupdogs

    New to TTR

    watzup guys I'm in the process of getting a dirt bike. I own a Polaris scrambler 4x4 atv and have ridden that for several years. Although most of the guys I ride with have now gone to 2 wheels and I cant always get through the same tight spots that they can. My atv is just to wide. So I was looking at getting a Yamaha TTR125L. I'm still going to keep my atv though. These guys all ride much bigger bikes than the TTR125L, but right now I just dont want to drop alot of $$$$$ into something bigger. I'm 5'10" and weigh in at 180. I've sat on one of these at the dealership and they say its all good except for the suspension. But I'm sure if I was telling them I wanted to get a PW80 to check my fence line they would say its all good. Just didnt get the feeling that they was looking out for me. What is yalls take on my height and weight on one of these smaller bikes.