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  1. Moto10

    Kx 60 Clutch

    I looked at the post and it doesn't appear to be too difficult to repair??? I don't have a repair manual. Do you have a good source for purchasing one? Would you call what I explained in my post a symptom of a stretched cable or are you leaning towards one of the other possibilities? I know that when I tightened the cable the clutch seamed to slip when I put it in gear. I had to loosen it in order for it to shift throught the gears. I appreciate your help on this Sappers, Gregg
  2. Moto10

    Kx 60 Clutch

    My sons KX 60 lunges forward when the clutch is pulled in and 1st gear is selected. I've tried to adjust it out but it didn't seem to help. I adjusted it at the lever would it make any difference if I adjusted it a the gear box? In a case like this what is the right way to adjust it? Do you tighten or loosen the cable? I'm assuming you tighten it and if that doesn't make a difference then the cable is bad or the gear box has issues???? Thanks
  3. Moto10

    JD Red5+158main+AP O-Ring + FM 2.25 = BOG

    Shovle, I'm to the point where I think I'll stop wrenching and work more on tuning and see where I get with it. You mentioned the hour/tach, do they all suck or are there some good ones out there? I have a meter that measures RPM and would like to take a reading on my bike but I have no idea where to hook it up. Got any ideas? I live in Tracy, Ca and ride at Carnegie. I haven't put a lot of hard miles on my bike because I ride with my 8 yr old and he only goes so fast. He's growing up way to fast so I'm alright with it. Thanks for your help.
  4. Moto10

    Where/How do you check RPMs?

    I want to set the idle on my bike but don't know where to take a RPM reading. I have a meter that will do it and don't plan on mounting a Tach. on the bike.
  5. Moto10

    JD Red5+158main+AP O-Ring + FM 2.25 = BOG

    AgentSmith, The carb is already loose so I'll get on it just as soon as I locate a 55 leak. My filter is the stock setup. I'll start with the leak jet and go from there. Thanks
  6. Moto10

    JD Red5+158main+AP O-Ring + FM 2.25 = BOG

    Yeah, I have a smog bike.
  7. Moto10

    JD Red5+158main+AP O-Ring + FM 2.25 = BOG

    The kit only came with the main jets but I'll get a 42 pilot change it out and let ya know how things turn out. Thanks
  8. Moto10

    JD Red5+158main+AP O-Ring + FM 2.25 = BOG

    Thanks for all the help. The bike is an 06. We cut out the top of the air box as per the instructions with the JD kit. We didn't touch the pilot or the leak. If I change the pilot to 42 what do I do with the leak jet? Elevation isn't an issue. I live in Northern Ca. 0-4000 ft. Much closer to 0 than 4000. I'm able to roll on the throttle without any problems but when I crack it open quickly on the stand or while riding it bogs Can't do wheelies here. I don't know that the mods really made a whole lot of difference?
  9. I believe I've covered everthing? I'm not quite sure where to go from here except maybe for the gun. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  10. Moto10

    ttr 90 carb help please!!!!

    Hey DC450, I sent you an email a few days ago about my sons TTR-90 and it's sputtering problem. I'm very pleased to say that it's running like a champ!I took it to our local motorsports outfit and they fixed her up all for $96.25. My son is very pleased. Here's what was done and said. They did a leakdown check and it din't leak down at all and had a compression of 180psi. In my case the oil was said to have been over filled and it was fowling the plug??? Not sure on that one. They also said the valve lash was loose on the exhaust side and lastly they adjusted the air/fuel mixture and now she runs just swell. I hope this will help you out. Gotta let me know. Ride fast and take chances, Gregg
  11. Moto10

    Can someone help me with this strange problem...Please.

    Flash, Did you figure out what the problem was with the ttr90? I don't have the fix but I do have the exact same problem to the "T". I'm about to take it in and was wondering if you fixed it. I've heard the rev. limiter mentioned before but I don't recall it ever doing this and I've owned it since new in 2001. Moto10
  12. As per a TTR-90( sputtering at high RPM) post I cleaned my filter and the bike still sputters. Anyone have any suggestions. The bike has a FMF pipe and that's it. Could that be causing my problems? I haven't re-jetted yet but have 15 pilot and 95 main just haven't gotten to it yet.
  13. Moto10

    TTR 90 Sputtering

    I've got a TTR 90 with FMF pipe and that's it. On the low end it is fine but when get on it it starts to sputter and lose power. I have a 15 pilot and a 95 main ready to go in just haven't done it yet. Jets my problem? I live below a 1000 winters are 40s 50s summers 90s occ. 100s. When I put new jets in where do I start with the mixture?
  14. Moto10

    250x Starting Issues

    I've got an 06 250x and can't seem to keep the thing running correctly from one ride to the next. One weekend it runs well the next it dies when I come to a stop and won't start unless it's choked or as recently as the other day I started it with the choke (to warm it up about 3 or 4 minutes maybe) and shut the choke off to take a spin and it died. After that I couldn't get it started again. It has about 165 miles on it. It is bone daddy stock other than a quick shot. I'm getting soooo tired of killing the battery trying to start it and not being able to even kick it either. I know there are a bunch of mods out there but shouldn't this thing run well as it is? Any help would be appreciated.
  15. Moto10

    Get A Grip

    What is the best way to put on a set of grips. I tried (and failed) with this grip lock glue. I did what the directions said to do and I got the grip on the throttle tube about 1/3 of the way on and that was it! There has got to be a better and easier way???