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  1. rhys3697

    A mean trick played on me 2day

    We did this for ages to a mate when ever he rode his classic Triumph to work, just a little bit each time, told him about it when he was going to pull it apart and reseal everything, he still laughs about it, Rhys.
  2. rhys3697

    Kickstart kit on E

    Thanks, everyone for your help, looks like I'll go ahead and order the kit, Rhys.
  3. rhys3697

    Kickstart kit on E

    Hi, I've fitted a rekluse clutch to my 07 400 E and was thinking a kickstart would be a nice bit of insurance, I've checked out the fantastic step by step fitting instructions in the FAQ on a S, which doesn't include the manual decompressor and was wondering if any one can help with information about fitting the manual decompressor bits on an E, is it difficult, do I need it, what is involved, thanks in advance, Rhys.
  4. Hi I'm thinking of fitting a recluse clutch to my "E" for trail riding, one of the things holding me back is what effect it has on engine braking down steep hills, I currently rely on engine braking heeps when decending and I'm worried about loosing the engine braking, on the plus side I think it would be great to have the rear brake on the left hand side of the bars as I find it awkward at times using the rear brake in difficult situations. Thanks in advance for your opinions, Rhys. :thumbsup:
  5. rhys3697

    drz 400 shake

    Slide forward on the seat, this will reduce the headshake, you can also lift the forks in the triple clamps, don't go more than 15mm, Rhys.
  6. rhys3697

    Australian E riders

    I've seen the dyno sheets from an independant workshop and the owner convinced me he was genuine, Rhys.
  7. rhys3697

    Australian E riders

    MC Performance make a new insert that with a change of main jet gives about a 2 kw midrange increase [he has dyno printouts to support this] and reduces noise the only thing you don't get is the weight saving of a replacement muffler, all for $140 AU. contact him at mcperformance@bigpond.com , Rhys.
  8. rhys3697

    Rear brake adjustment?????

    I read that thread before I posted but I still don't understand which is the correct adjuster the bolt going into the cylinder or the 2 nuts down near the pivot and whichever is the right one, what does the other do ? as I said I've got myself very confused, Rhys.
  9. rhys3697

    Rear brake adjustment?????

    I'm confused, I've been trying to adjust my rear brake lever height [lower] but the brake appears to be dragging, I adjusted the lever by winding the nut at the base of the cylinder, but I think I should have removed the split pin on the pivot and done the adjustment there. I've done a search and read my owners manual but I'm more confused than ever, can you guys put me on the right path with clear instructions it's driving me nuts, Rhys.
  10. rhys3697

    What are the Jobs of us fellow DRZ owners?

    Station Officer with a large metropolitan fire brigade for the last 23 years, 4 days on 4 days off, plenty of time for riding, Rhys.
  11. rhys3697

    Swing Arm Woes

    Do both sides, less work than doing each side individually and the other side will collapse soon after in the most difficult place it can, and probably damage your new swingarm pivot, Rhys.
  12. rhys3697

    Dr-z 400e

    I'm getting pretty close to that and after a suspension upgrade it does a great job of hauling me around, Rhys.
  13. rhys3697

    Loose Piece of metal behind front sprocket??

    on the main keyboard, shift and the number 3 key, Rhys.
  14. rhys3697

    Fork Lock Key?

    My E came delivered with both locks the same from new here in Australia, Rhys.
  15. If you do buy a pump make sure it's a high volume, low pressure pump, ie for mountain bike tires not a high pressure, low volume pump for a road bike and get a dual action pump, that pumps on both the in and out stroke, it might take a bit longer than co2 cartridges but it will keep working no matter how many times you need it on a ride, Rhys.