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  1. vwracer

    Plating a DRZ400E

    Thanks John, All the information I have read was right off the Washington DOL website. i will continue to check before starting the switch. Thanks Again, Mark
  2. vwracer

    Plating a DRZ400E

    Hello A law was passed this January stating that you can street legal an off-road motorcycle. I have a 2001 DRZ400E that I want to convert. I would like to go the SM route down the road but for now just plates will work. Has anyone out there done this? Do I need a different wiring harness to hook up all the needed lights? For the SM will the sider rear tire fit in my stock swing arm if not will most swing arms bolt on to my bike? Any thoughts or comments on the conversion would be great. Thanks, Mark
  3. vwracer

    Redemption at the Dez 100

    Souds like a great time, This is the first one in four years I've missed (the poker run) I made the past four with my younger brother this year he had surgery on his knee so we decided to pass on this one. Just doing the poker run sure makes for a great day. We would get there Friday night and stay and watch the start of the race on Sunday. I couldn't even imagine doing the race, by no means am I a slow rider but I have went down a couple times and just keep telling myself you have to go to work on Monday. Now for the mini race my daughter is 13 she rides a xr80 she has never experianced Odessa, she wants to try the family poker run but the skill is not there yet. How old is your son ? after watching the mini race last year standing in the misty rain I thought this is kinda cool until the second or third lap along the pit straight a way the kid that was leading he must have went down on the back side of the course, but when he came by he was haulin! it was a big four stroke I believe it was a kawi. He hit something half way down the straight a way the back tire came up and the tumble was on he walked away slowly i don't think he went back out after that. As a dad I decided I would keep this a dads weekend for now. So what ever happened to the clown that was racin you before you guys got the the starting line, did you ever see him again like crashed on the coures somewhere. Well this is my dez 100 this year reading all the threads it's kinda cool. Souds like everyone had a great time even with full santi cans and the speedsters in the pit area. It's unfortunate that a fellow rider was lost this year, you know you always see the helicopter flying and hope everything is Ok........... Ride on be safe:ride:
  4. vwracer

    where to get orv tag on Saturday

    Are you planning on just doing the dessert 100 or do you plan on riding in other areas ? If your just comming down for the dessert 100 no need for tabs it's private property so save the money:applause: Be safe
  5. vwracer

    trail tech Vapor computer for z400

    I put the Vapor on my z400 I like it, it's got a lot of cool features. Speedometer memory, trip meter, odometetor and a lot more stuff. For me it's just another gadget to have:ride:
  6. vwracer

    Yamaha Warrior

    Thanks 356 and threat, it's all a lot of good information. I will continue to look, read and ask questions. 356 nice bike, looks like you have a couple with a prodject going on. BBBThreat it seems that the warrior is a well rounded machine. The more I read the more I'm confused:banghead: Thanks, again
  7. vwracer

    Yoshi vs. Pro Circuit vs. FMF for Z400

    I have a 06 z400 with a FMF Powercore 4 rejetted with a dynojet kit removed the snorkel. I'm happy with the results. I'm sure you enjoy anything you go with
  8. vwracer

    Yamaha Warrior

    Lot of good information, I guess I will keep looking. I don't want to have tons of maintenance as you know it is cold and wet here in Washington. Thanks everyone on your thoughts.
  9. vwracer

    Yamaha Warrior

    The clutch is not a problem my daughter rides a xr80 and we also have a ltz400. We just need another quad so we can all ride at the same time. Just something about the Warrior that stands out and they look cool to. Thanks, Mark
  10. vwracer

    Desert 100 Tire Pressure

    I've ran the poker run the last 4 years on my drz 400 and seen a lot of guys on the side of the trail with flats. I always ran high preasure 18 to 20 lbs I'd rather be loose then pushing the bike back several miles to the pits or your camp site. Like r4 said watch out for the rocks, by the way thats all you'll be seeing. If you have never done it you will have a blast. Mark
  11. vwracer

    Yamaha Yamaha Warrior

    Looking to pick up a quad for wife and daughter and the Warriors just seem to stand out, however I don't know anyone that has one so I will ask the question here. What do you think are they reliable ? what problems do they have ? overall is it a good quad. What are your thoughts. Thanks, Mark
  12. vwracer

    Quad for Daughter

    That sounds cool, I guess you don't have to worry about burning the clutch up while learning. Now I'm really confused. I will have to look and see what what's out there. Thanks
  13. vwracer

    Quad for Daughter

    What's a rekluse clutch? I haven't heard of that.
  14. vwracer

    Quad for Daughter

    That's what I was thinking she's only getting bigger and better and she just loves to ride the quad. It's hard to get her off of it so mom can have a turn. I have the throttle limited now as they are both pretty new at it. We were out last weekend and the daughter asked if we could make it faster....Boy they learn fast.
  15. vwracer

    Suzuki Quad for Daughter

    Looking to get my 13 year old daughter a quad, she currently rides a xr 80. I just bought a 06 z400 for my wife (ok for me too) Now when we go riding my daughter wants to ride the 400 all the time. I was thinking about a z250 or a trx300. With the 250 and 300 its shift and go and she's getting pretty comfortable with the clutch and I don't really want to take that from her. What about a older z400 with limited throttle, thats what I do now when she rides the z400. I'm confused What are your thoughts and comments....... Mark