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  1. secretsquirell


    FMF TI FactoryFour on an 06 WR250F
  2. secretsquirell

    What's the deal with the $%#)^&ing BOG!

    thanks.. i may try the 185 main; even with the little bog it's imensly better,
  3. secretsquirell

    What's the deal with the $%#)^&ing BOG!

    OK.,. so I;'ve installed the complete JD Jetting kit (170 main, red needle jet with clip on position 3), and a 40 LJ in my 06WR. Also did the AP mod with the o-ring used to couple the AP linkage to the throttle. This is a huge improvement over stock (where in 3rd gear, i'd get a bog that made the bike almost unrideable). I still get a little bog when in third gear, if i snap the throttle really fast (smooth roll on is not a problem). Should I go to the 35LJ? or is there some other AP issue I need to address?
  4. secretsquirell

    New 2006 WR250, what to do 1st?

    Any recomendations where to find a 40 leak jet??
  5. secretsquirell

    06 WR250f Muffler

    The stock muffler on the 06 is just to damn restrictive. The outlet looks like the exhaust on my damn lawnmower. Will a YZF muffler bolt onto the stock headers etc... Does it have to be an 06, or will an earlier setup work (seems like alot of stock mufflers for 04 and 05 are for sale on ebay). I don't race, so going to an aftermarket exhaust is less desireable for me?