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  1. Good read - thanks for posting TwoFiddy.
  2. Wow, great write up by that Aussie dude. That's a sick looking bike. I'm getting one.
  3. Motocross

    Shocked and extremely saddened about Kenny. I was on the Ossa team with him in '76 and he was a super cool dude who was friendly and would talk to anyone. I remember him getting ready for the start at a national, and he was calm and cool like it was a Friday night race at Indian Dunes.
  4. Looks like she has a new boyfriend - she was hanging out with Nascar driver Brian Vickers at last nights Richmond 400 race.
  5. Supercross

    Thunder Valley seems like a great place to have it. A central location, next to major airport, and the weather always seems fantastic there in late september. Cant wait.
  6. I used to go that race when lived in the midwest back in the day. If memory serves, the late great Ted Boody from the Michigan mafia won it the last time I was there in '78. Hitting that jump on a Harley XR 750 took some big huevos.
  7. Great stuff - I'm moving to the northwest.
  8. Correct. Toyota claims that the 4.0 V6 will run fine on regular but will have more power with premium. I had an '05 Taco and ran mid grade in it.
  9. The Sherpa T was the full on trials bike. The Matador was the enduro bike. The Alpina was a cross between the two - kind of a slow speed enduro bike. Good for putting along on trails.
  10. Yeah, Jim was the man - had his poster on my bedroom wall when I was a little runt. BC - nice Astro. I had one in '75 - wish I still had it.
  11. Supercross

    You got that right!!
  12. Supercross

    There's no question Lawrence can go fast on a bike, but he doesn't seem to have any heart. If he gets a good start and he's got his A game going, he does good. But if gets mired back in the pack, he pulls off with some kind of excuse. Bike problems, injury, etc. Everyone has bad days, but the true champions dig down deep and fight for every spot for the whole race.
  13. That would be a helluve stage for Short. Hometown hero?
  14. Supercross

    That's the best news i've heard all day. Saweeet!!
  15. When I was young, MX was my life. I quit racing 30 years ago and i'm just as stoked about it now as ever - but as a fan and not a racer. Now I just ride.