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  1. Robby

    My sons blaster

    Thanks for the advice. Found ground wire to coil broken in connecter. Replaced connecter and bike is running fine.
  2. Robby

    HELP!!! (please)

    Check timing. My bike back fired also from a lean condition after some mods were made. Had to rejet.
  3. Robby

    Girlfriend wants a quad

    I would go with the 400ex. My son has one and if he cant mess it up no one can. 05 yfz450, 00 400ex-son, 98 blaster-son, 98 big bear-wife, 03 eaton150-daughter
  4. Robby

    Yamaha My sons blaster

    Just wondering if any one has run into this problem. My sons blaster will fire when it want too. It may fire now and run 30 seconds, and not fire again for two days. I had some specs give to me for checking stator but are not so sure the person that give me specs knew what they were talking about. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  5. I performed cam mod on my yfz450 05 and rejetted to 168 main, 48 pilot,and 5th position on needle, two turn out on f/s and bike wont idle. Any suggestions. Note: noticed during cam mod two timing marks on flywheel, which mark should line up.