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  1. Thanks guys. I was leaning toward the most aggressive DOT approved tire, but yesterday I took the bike to the river and rode about 25 miles on sand. I still have the mostly street tires on (sorry, I haven't even checked to see what brand they are, but they are in really good shape) and the entire ride was a fight just to keep the bike up. Must have spilled 10 times at least. Is this only because of the tires??? I use to ride a 1989 CR125 and was able to take the bike to it's limits down there. I know the bike is heavy and all, but man!! I was really hoping for more off road ability. If it can't take the river sand, I might as well keep the street tires and get a 250 smoker. Any thoughts?? Doc
  2. I just got a 1985 XL600R (my first big bore) and would like some opinions on good all around tires. The ones on it are great on the street, but suk on the riverbed. Is there really a good DP tire, or do I have to get two sets of wheels in order to really eat sand and dirt? Any comments on the XL600 are welcome. So far I LOVE this bike, but on the sand it seemed to like being on it's side a lot more than my old CR125. I know the weight is a big factor, but I'm thinking more aggressive tires will help. I'm going to have to learn to ride all over again. Also, this bike is stock. Does anyone have an opinion on the best all around sprocket size? Doc
  3. Hello again everyone, my friend finally finished putting this monster (1983 Yamaha TT600) back together, but it doesn't kick start or run right. It can be push started, and even kick started a couple times after it was pushed, but as the rpm's go up it is like the ignition was just shut off. Carb? Could it be electrical or timing. The timing has been double checked...but maybe?? Here's what was done. Rod was bored and a bushing was put in the wrist pin hole so that it will be stronger. New sleeve, piston, etc. Everything inside was checked and replaced if necessary, as good as new. Supertrap exhaust cleaned. Pipes cleaned and painted. Misc. other stuff replaced. Does anyone know what other kick start assemblies will work on this? I can't find one and the one on it was a junk replacement and fell apart. Any suggestions for inexpensive suspension upgrades (I'll mostly be riding on sandy riverbed with lots of whoops, etc.) Any help would be deeply appreciated. I'm sure my friend will get it eventually, but maybe someone out there has some direct experience that could save some time. Thanks, Doc
  4. docheath

    TT600 v. XT600

    I highly recommend that you get Zedder's Yamaha Part Cross Reference Software, www.zedder.com, before you buy anything at all. It saved me $$ and lot's of hair. It only costs about $20 and will pay for itself in no time. BTW, if you have to go completely through the engine, I would also take the crank to a machine shop and have the top of the rod bored and a bushing put in. It cost me $80, vs. up to $400. Those rods are so soft that you will be tearing it all apart again in no time, and this makes it better than new! Just a thought...
  5. Thanks for the reply beezerjoe. I can use any help I can get. I took the bike to my bike mechanic. Both rings were busted, the sleeve was trashed, and the rod was worn out (knock). By the time we're finished, it will be a $2,000+ bike, but once you start, how can you stop????? I haven't touched the carb, as the bike isn't back together yet. By the way, if it isn't too late, you might consider taking the crank assy to a machine shop and have them put a bushing in the top of the rod. The metal is so soft on these that they chronically wear out. It only cost me $60 to have that part done, and it will be stronger than stock. Much cheaper than replacing rods. Let us know how your project turns out. Doc
  6. I have a 1983 TT600 that hasn't been ridden in 2 1/2 years. I put gas in the fuel line to see if it would start. When it did, it billowed smoke and I noticed that there was a knock/rattle that followed the engine's cycle. Should I ride it lightly to see what happens or am I going to screw something up worse? Any thoughts would be appreciated, as I am no mechanic, but intend to make this my first project. Thanks, Doc
  7. I just bought an '83 TT600 w/o a muffler. I'm no racer or mechanic, so I could use some help. Where can I get a muffler w/o spending a fortune? I don't need high performance (this bike has plenty of power!) and would like to keep it stock if possible. Thanks, Doc docheath@ucom.net