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  1. MCrider87

    Engine spluttering

    I would look into the strainer in the fuel tank. I had the same problem and cleaned my carb numerous times before i finally figured out that it was clogged. I hope this helps!
  2. MCrider87

    RMZ-450 seized motor

    I am currently riding an 05 RMZ. I had one of the first ones released in MI. I have not had any problems of the sort. I ran the bike stock for 4 months and then had the head ported along w/ a hi compression J&E piston put in and a modified carb along w/ K&N air filter setup which eliminated the front of the airbox. Ive been running it every weekend for ten months,usually take from october through december off. I still kept up on maintenance as required usually oil and filter every two rides. I don't understand why everyone expects suzuki to do sometrhing about this. Did honda do anything about the rod problems in 2002. None that i know of and I have three friends that all went through that. I understand your upset with Suzuki but cut them a little slack they are still an excellent company in my eyes.