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  1. Ted West

    You ride a husky? What's your profession?

    Civil Engineer. Spent 11 years working for heavy civil contractors (bridges & tunnels). Been a consultant since 2000 building 3D coordination models for preconstruction analysis and planning. Same stuff manufacturers call virtual prototyping. We use a lot of the same software too. Enjoyable thread. Play on
  2. Ted West

    CRF 50 OEM Parts / Pegs & Bars

    Solid. I shot them an email & will call Monday. Thanks for the tip!
  3. Gentlemen, I'm looking for a few OEM parts for my son's '07 CRF 50. Here's the wish list: - Throttle clamp assembly w/ kill switch (A) - Foot peg mount ( - Foot pegs - Kick stand w/ spring Any suggestions / leads would be great. Thanks for your help
  4. Ted West

    DRZ to TE610

    The TE 610 is from magic. I didn't see that in the poll so I thought I should mention.
  5. Ted West

    07 TE 610, Broken Heart, 07 TE 610

    So you mean there's still hope for me? That's good to know. Enjoy your holiday ride Any chance you or the bike will be donning jingle bells?
  6. Ted West

    07 TE 610, Broken Heart, 07 TE 610

    I had to laugh. Look how sorry I am about taking care of them (prepped for the winter):
  7. Ted West

    07 TE 610, Broken Heart, 07 TE 610

    Well-written and tough to read (until the end). My first bike was stolen while I was eating lunch one summer afternoon. I was 14 and left it in the driveway after a morning ride. Not a care in the world. Thanked my mom for my sandwich and went out to the emptiest place in the world. It never came back but there have been others since. Don't 'F' with a man's ride, simple as that. There's a reason they shoot horse thieves. Good for you and thanks for sharing. -T PS George Erl for president '08
  8. Ted West

    TE 250 BLOWN Radiator Hose??? Help!

    Solid work men. I just picked up a low milage '06 TE250 for a song last weekend and put it (and me) through its paces this weekend. Saw this post on Thursday and did the fix Friday evening (happy with beer and music). Thanks to all for the info -Ted PS Love the bike! Really.
  9. Ted West

    TE610 Bent Rim

    For what it's worth, I got one just like that about 3500 miles ago and it hasn't been a problem.
  10. Ted West

    Sheared Crank / Oil Pump TE610

    No doubt. It's scary how integral that bike is to my well being. When it's down, I'm down. And the self inflicted injuries hurt the most. Oh well, all part of the hobby I guess. And what a great hobby!!
  11. Ted West

    Sheared Crank / Oil Pump TE610

    Hey, sorry for taking so long to give the follow-up. George from Up-Tite was a complete saint and I posted all the details here:http://www.advrider.com/forums/showthread.php?p=5316839#post5316839 The bike is running fine without any welding etc. George just told me to just button it up and ride! There was a little more drama that you can read in the link but overall, everything seems to have resolved nicely and I have been riding ever since. Thanks for your help!
  12. Ted West

    Sheared Crank / Oil Pump TE610

    Thanks for the encouragement (seriously). Dan at Motoxotica suggested I contact George at Up-Tite. I emailed him the pics and I'll try to call tomorrow. I'll let you know what I find out
  13. (also posted on Adv Rider, forgive my laziness for the blatant copy) I feel like a total sack-bag tonight. I was checking my valves last night and when I replaced my side cover the key on the oil pump did not line up with the slot on the crank. Something didn't seem right when putting the cover back on so I moved the rear wheel (still in 6th gear) and I heard a ball shriveling "pop". I blocked it like any human would any traumatic event but during the day today reality seeped in and I pulled the cover tonight looking for peace of mind (and found none). One of the ears on the crank sheared off. I guess I'm lucky I found the problem before I fired the bike up but now I feel sick to my stomach thinking about replacing the crank. F ME!!! Part of me thinks there is enough meat left on the crank ears to spin that little pump (screw turning the screwdriver) but the other part of me realizes I'll be riding with a lit fuse waiting to blow any minute. I think it comes down to lateral loads on the pump bearing induced by the single ear. With two ears the lateral loads are canceled leaving only a torsion load. I type more for therapeutic reasons than to actually solicit meaningful advice but I have grown fond of the global knowledge base so I thought I would place my story of woe on the www to see what the world thinks. A - Replace the crank B - Ride and see what happens "Do I feel lucky punk? Well do I?" Not tonight anyway. Thanks.
  14. Ted West

    How old are you and what Huskys...

    39 and smitten with my TE610