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  1. bodia21

    how to tell if rear shock is blown

    I have a yz426 rear shock I will sell you for 25 bucks.
  2. bodia21

    urgently need 426 cylinder block!!

    Still have it! Still have it! Sorry about that, I sent you a pm. I accidently mixed up your reply to someone else that was interested in a yz426 head I was selling. So I still have the block. Funny part is I sent the other guy a message talking about a 444cc block that I still had and how I could get pictures for him.
  3. bodia21

    Stock 400/426 exhaust WANTED

    got one for you. full exhaust $75. bodia21@hotmail.com
  4. bodia21

    urgently need 426 cylinder block!!

    I have a 444cc block that needs to be resleeved because the sleeve in it no has a crack, otherwise the block is in great condition. let me know.
  5. Alrite I have used to have a 00' yz426 motor in a 400ex frame and that thing after riding a while would always start dripping coolant out of the weep hole underneath the water pump cover, so I replaced the seals and everything and it continued to do it. Currently now I have a 01' yz426 motor in the 400ex frame and was out riding it tonite and I stopped and looked down and not just a little bit of coolant was leaking out..it was pouring. I could also hear like it was boiling. The radiator was very very hot so I am sure it was overheated, but I just wanted to know if that coolant shooting out of there so fast was just a result of the overheating? I am pretty sure the seals are good in this one..(it wouldnt hurt to check tho). Just let me know if this is normal...it does not do it when the engine is just running warm only when hot hot.