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  1. looking for information on how the ajustments are made. I see the screw to bring cyl"s 1&2 level with 3&4 but not sure how to bring 1 level with 2 and 3 level with 4 thanks for help if you know Kevin

    Going to sell my 93 650L

    i just bought it in june from the thumper talk classifieds paid $2000.00 for it but i dont have a Drivers license got it impounded in oct they put a 30 day hold on it cost me $1000.00 to get it out now i get a letter in the mail saying that cause i dont have insurance there suspending my registration wonderful i love the bike but dont need the hassel so im selling it for $1000.00 i have till jan 29 to get insurance or sell it cant afford insurance in calif for a motorcycle, my driving record,and no license. ill post pics in classifieds with info PM if interested

    XR Manual

    you have to try it at different times not sure why sum times they work sum times they dont

    cam chain ajustment

    i have a 1993 xr 650l is the cam chain ajusted automatic or is it a manuel ajustment?

    XR Manual

    try this linkhttp://www.sasbk.co.za/Motorcycle%20manuals.htm

    80 mph+ on freeway

    I unloaded the rear spring preload on my 93 650 to the min setting (i weight 180 lbs)took off brush gaurds and frames from handle bars,got a street tire thats a half inch taller in the rear and lowered front end by slideing fork tubes up so they stick up about 1 inch above triple clamp the bike is more stable than i though it could ever be i comute 62 miles 1 way to work and its all carpool lane 80+ mph and bike is handleing like a dream just need street tire on front looking at a venmon cost is $125.00 so next week ill get I love this bike. KEVIN

    Oil cooler on my XR650L

    where in calif r u im in downey? Kevin

    75mph freeway ajustment

    Went from Downey to Landcaster last night was getting blown all over the place pulled over in burbank loosened triple clamp so that i could slide fork tubes up so that they stick out above clamp just under 1/2 inch they were flush to begin with dramaticly tighted up the bike and the way it handles the wind. i know with almost all ajustments you have to lose somthing to gain something not sure what i lost but 75mph on the freeway is way better and almost was enjoyable I LOVE THIS BIKE KEVIN


    Kool so everything is as it should be and thats just the way it is! Sorry for caps. I hate the 405, and the 710 its got pot holes the size of small jumps and at 75 mph + changing lanes with a car 1 foot infront of you 1 foot behind you and 6 inches on both sides getting airborn aint no fun and if you look in the car its a woman talking on a cell phone,putting on her make-up while reaching over the back seat to smak her kid and gives you a look like you aint going fast enough but i love this bike alot . I'D RATHER OWE U,THAN CHEAT U OUT OF IT. KEVIN
  10. Does Everybody Drive Freeway I Have 93 Xr 650 L Bought Last Week I Get On Freeway Right Before The Morning Rush Starts So Everybody Is Hauling Ass And Wind Off Of The Big Trucks Can Get Me A Little Unstable Is There Anything I Can Do So That The Wind Doesent Have As Much Of A Affect On Me. Kevin

    air forks

    how much air pressure should be in forks on a 1993 xr 650L?

    after reviewing my post

    didnt mean to hijack anybody's post im just reading then i type without starting a new thread again sorry kevin

    sprocket lock test

    when i park my bike i put a big master lock around chain and sprocket but forgot i did this today when i took off destoryed the lock like it was a tooth pick and put small scratch on inside of swingarm so just saying this doesnt work. Kevin

    Old Newbie....New 650L

    i was giving a 87 xr 600 a month or so ago was trying to make it street legal but instead i bought a 95 xr 650L with electric start last night at 10:30 pm in tustin started it up and got on the 91 first thing i notice was it felt like half the power the 87 has but was faster and smoother it even has a steering dampner which worked well gona go ride it now see what else i notice this is link to the bike i bought paid 2000 dollars http://www.recycler.com/motorcycles/detail.classified?id=RCY-196-10181796&search_zip= might put the 87 motor in this bike not sure yet need to ride 95 more but im wondering if motor will bolt right up anyone know kevin

    how long can coolant sit need answer asap

    llooks are important smells rank at the top also but put a blindfold on with a big old fasion cloths pin on ur nose and ya have to taste it to really know so take a drink or 2 swiss it around like a vetren wine taster if you die within the hour coolant is excelent 2 to 4 hours till death 50% dont kill ya but puts a hurt on ya in a irreversible kinda way weak and should be replaced although im just guessing again