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  1. matty cr 85

    cr 80

    ya i have a brand new spark plug in and it aint workin like i have got a new plug change my air flter and got new gace took apart my whole carb and my bowls arrnt stickin and im out of things to try and do i need gelp
  2. matty cr 85

    Black Plastics.

    hy ya man i bought some black plastics from http://rockymountin/mc.com but make sure u go to google.ca first u will no what to do after that oh and if u want look at the botom of thier pages and they will give u a # to phon so u get a free 800 page catalouge i have one and its very handy and cheap..... good luck man
  3. matty cr 85

    cr 80

    ya man i have a brand new cr 85 2005 and hasnt been ran a full season yet and it wont fire either i think it might have somethin to do with the timing or somethin cause i no that it has a good spark and its good good cause cause i just got new stuff and just mixed it yester day so i dont know and i dont want to take it in cause i am broke so some help us ...
  4. matty cr 85

    what 125 to get?!

    ya man u should definataly go with honda and i aint just sayin that cause i like red but like even look at dirt rider magazine honda has got the best overal everything so go with honda