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  1. k00k

    Fox shock

    Bruce Triplett recommended 5w20 Synthetic motor oil.
  2. k00k

    Fox shock

    Finally got a chance to ride this morning for an hour or so. Definitely a much nicer ride. Wayyy plusher. Don't have to stand up for every little bump for fear of getting bucked off like I used to. I still have some tuning to do, the rear (fox shock) was bouncing up and down a bit more than I would like after hitting a bump, so I need to figure that out still. As for the front end (Bruce Triplett), it's a huge difference, I didn't even realize how bad it was before. One problem I still have is it's pulling a bit to the right, especially at slow technical speeds, but I think my alignment is a bit off. I didn't undo steering stem and everything, I just dropped the forks out of the clamps, and I was afraid my alignment was a touch off before. So I'll need to sort that out. But all told, I think it's pretty sweet. I took a ride on the road at about 40-50mph and the front end feels so different, it feels really tight, like I have to really muscle it to turn the bars if I want to. It turns fine when leaning as usual. Is the stiff front end on pavement something others with Triplett reworked front ends have noticed?
  3. k00k

    Fox shock

    Just a quick update. Installed the Fox shock, not too bad of a job. Still need to get sag and comp set. Got the rods and springs back from Bruce and installed them yesterday. Just haven't had any time to ride. Maybe tomorrow.
  4. k00k

    Fox shock

    Just wanted to let everyone know what I ended up doing. Went with the Fox shock, it's scheduled to be delivered today. As for the front-end, I'm sending my damping rods and springs to Bruce tomorrow. So in a couple weeks it should hopefully ride like a different animal. I'll report back after I figure out how to dial it all in. Special thanks to Larry for taking care of me on the Fox shock.
  5. Yep, going to add a rope to my gear. Luckily I was only a short way from home, so I could have hiked out and brought back some rope and straps if I had to.
  6. For 5 easy payments of $19.95, you too can have the ultimate mod, The Swamper! It really quiets down your muffler! This was how I spent the better part of an hour yesterday, up to my waist in quicksand-like mud. It was next to impossible to get out and I could barely even pull my boots out. At one point, the tail sunk in even more. Of course, I was alone, so suffice it to say, I have a bit of a sore back today. Once I muscled it out, though, I hit the button a few times, twisted the throttle, and it started up. Took a few mins to blow all the crap out of the muffler. I'll be repacking, again. It looked like a 3 inch deep puddle, and it was for the first couple feet, but that hole just instantly swallowed it.
  7. I have a Baja Designs dual sport kit on my 230. It came with the bike when I bought it years ago. I've been wanting something different for the tail because my rear fender slams up and down due to the added weight when I'm hitting rough stuff. To be clear, I have the tail light with the kit turn signals and a license plate. Well, yesterday as I was ripping through some single track, one of the turn signals broke off. So it's a good time for an upgrade, or so I thought. After looking at various light setups online, there's not much that gets stellar reviews. Most of the stuff gets a couple good reviews and then the majority of them have a handful of people saying that they're brittle, easily broken, lousy quality, etc. Anyone have a setup they really like for offroad use? If not, I may just get some of the low profile turn signals and try to fabricate an aluminum reinforcement plate or cage for under the fender to keep it from slamming.
  8. I don't think I'd even bother, just go right to the Beta Xtrainer for overall riding. Much better power delivery than the KTM, and just a better bike all around for what it is. I should say I've only ridden the XT, not the KTM. But everyone I've talked to, watched, or read that has ridden both always prefers the Beta.
  9. Has anyone installed dzus fasteners to their CRF230f's air box cover or any of the other side covers? Just looking for some thoughts on how to go about it, or if it's even possible. I have no experience playing with those, but I hate always having to use a Phillips head screwdriver to take off the airbox. If you are unsure of what they are, here's an image: http://i.imgur.com/R93nlWp.jpg
  10. Just got back from riding. Repack didn't make much difference sound-wise. Probably going to put the stock silencer dildo back in the BBR for now til I figure out what the long term plan is.
  11. I was wrong, I just checked and I'm using a 120 main and 45 pilot with the BBR exhaust. I don't have a powering (yet).
  12. Yes, I ordered some new packing material, hope to do that this weekend. I've heard that the EO powering puts more noise towards the rider's head because of how it vents. Again, my goal is quieter while retaining as much power as I can. I'm happy with existing power I get from the BBR without the OEM insert.
  13. adnohguy, Yes, already uncorked and re-jetted. If I remember correctly I landed at 110 main. I have the BBR header, too. Don't feel the need to do too much regarding engine tuning at this point, I'm pretty happy with the power with the BBR pipe, just don't like how loud it is. What's the loudness like on stock with EO power ring vs. Full EO system? One of my main goals is to quiet it down from the BBR which almost sounds like no pipe at all.
  14. I have one of the original BBR exhaust systems on my 03 crf230f. Butt dyno likes it, but it's just way too loud. For a while I was running it with the OEM silencer in it to quiet it down, which it did, but it felt less peppy to me. I just took the silencer out again and it feels much snappier. But again, it's just too loud like that. It's probably getting to be time for a repack, but as I know from when it was new, it sounds about the same crazy loudness with fresh packing. So, now what? Here are my thoughts on possibilities for next moves: Yoshi RS-2 Back to stock (don't really want the extra weight, though) EO PoweRing on stock Put the OEM silencer back in the BBR DB Dawg Something else?
  15. k00k

    Fox shock

    Yes, I'm aware of the Hagon and still debating between the two. Going to talk to Bruce Triplett today if I can as I want to get the damping rods done, too.