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  1. tfd666

    thinking about buying a XR400!!!!

    i've had an xr 400 for a couple of months now, and i love it like a fat kid loves cake, plus i can wheelie it on demand, "anytime i choose", if u got a chance, buy one, u won't regret it... D...
  2. whats the easiest way to run lights and a horn on my 426?>?????
  3. tfd666

    It Buuuurns

    Can any of u lovely people tell me hy my 04 XR 400 gets hot???? i'm talkin hotter than hell??? or do they all do it??? please help????? Damion...
  4. tfd666

    valve clearances

    thanx for ur answer to my question rob, could u do me another favour and elaborate a little please?? don't really know what a clevis is?? stupid i know, but the uk has different terminology i guess??? thanx again Damion... (tfd666)
  5. tfd666

    valve clearances

    how do i set up the valve clearances on my xr400?? i tried and its still noisy??? its better but still tappy ???
  6. tfd666

    Gordons mods?????

    can i say thanx to everyone who replied to my last thread another question for u guyz ok?? is there a copy of Gordons mods on the net with PICTURES?? soundz lame i know, but i'm from wales and i aint too bright u'know hahahahaha Thanx Damion...
  7. can anybody e-mail me a copy of the xr400 manual please?? i downloaded a copy today but can't open it??? i never heard of a PDF file before??? i got a full rebuild and a manual would be very handy:) Damion tfd666@vodafone.net
  8. I recently bought an xr400 03 model for the measly sum of £500 i bought it as a non runner, hence the price... i put a new plug in and it went on the second kick the guy had run it with no oil in the frame????? now the top end is very very noisy and it also smokes like a train what damage is likely to have been caused??? its also stopped idleing and pops through the exhaust now too??? can anyone offer me any help please? i'm desperate:( is there any manuals i can look at online? any help will be greatly appreciated, thank u all Damion... tfd666@vodafone.net