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  1. I went from the same wr to a 2008 200 xcw. Wow sooo lite, better power. Low end is fine but easy to ride on the pipe if you dont mind being somewhat aggressive. Not to mention the ease of maintenance.
  2. Is that the Zero bike?
  3. There are those that will own for the first $2500, the second $2500 or the last $2500. It depends what guy you want to be you will have to pay to play. I think financing charges usually end up less then dealing with repairs on older equipment.
  4. The only reason it says that it will not fit is because there is a shutoff switch that will not let the e start work without the clutch engaged. You can disable this and use the universal lever perch and hotstart.
  5. Bushwhacking through the west coast van isle(unbelievable views), track and trail in Port Alberni, Wastelands
  6. Maxima 4 Extra Synthetic Oil 10w40 $10.95cdn instantly noticed less engine noise and smoother shifting then reg yamalube
  7. yea was down there 2 weeks ago. started at the outlet mall area. (droped the wife off) only saw two other riders. Liked the ridgeline trails kind of like home BC Canada but dry. Enjoyed going wide open through the desert and the fact you can see for miles. Takes the worries of getting lost not like rideing thick forest trails in BC.
  8. Looking for advice on the cheapest way to add high beam, horn, brake light and signals. Already plated and insured so not worried about inspection.