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  1. thanks ems you've just about answered everything i asked, nice pics, she's pretty hot too if you dont mind my saying.
  2. does anyone know a) how much the head pipe weigh if a local muffler shop can fabricate a lighter one c) where i can get a 13T sprocket with the correct spacing d) if it's more cost effective to change to a pumper carb or mess around with the jets on the stock cvk's thanks 06 klx 250, muffler drilled out, no air box (snorkel) cover
  3. thanks a lot for the infos guys. just reading it made me feel a whole lot better other than power (lack of) i really like the bike and am getting used to it. i'll probably start with the free mods then work up to exhaust. Ill keep you all posted thanks again
  4. i got an 06 kawi KLX250s with 296mi on odo. and itching to do something about it. it really could use a little more hp/torque whatever i can get. the dealer mechanic said there is nothing really much i can do. i asked about aftermarket exhaust and he said it's not even worth it 1-2 hp tops plus cost of re-jetting. i'm no mechanic but am a pretty competent DIY'er and would like to try re-jetting myself. i mostly ride along powerline trails (novice dirt) (18 yrs street) any info would be greatly appreciated.