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  1. pic taken in our garage in Erendira
  2. Alot of times it is the part that does the moving, which is the brake line. It may not leak but it will form a bubble in between the out /inner layer causing brake failure or soft pedal action.
  3. . . . just got back from 6 beutiful days in Erendira with some great riding! I saw this so I thought I'd post... .
  4. You guys might to check this out. I had a discounted outerwear laying around so I decided to cut it up to see if it would help with the sand. It worked great! My choice for the sand is an oiled filterskin over the filter airfilter with the top of the airbox set up for a outerwear as well as the side vents done.
  5. I know this is a way old thread but for some reason I got caught reading it.... In the past I sourced a rad cap from a ford escort which is high pressure & waay cheaper in price than what is currently available for dirtbikes. Try napa with your spec on the diameter of the tabs on the rad cap & save some money...dan
  6. here's some gas, thanks for posting....dan
  7. I beg to differ about mikey's parents. Anyone that knows the rev. Roy would agree aswell.... I think as adults we all have the ability to make our own choices. These choices may or may not be in our best interests. We all have been young once.
  8. I was down there last year about this time racin' the 1000. Oh yeah, I even threw up the race401.
  9. Lou's a cool dude. If you take a Checkers pit with him he'll tell you the stories you can't post on here.....lol Lou for Mayor of Cal city!
  10. Mama Espinoza's birthday is today, she will will be 101 years old! I was talking to my dad about this & he said when he used to go down there they used to use the quanson hut. You can still see the hut, but buildings are built all around it now.
  11. Is there gas between the summit & san felipe?
  12. great vid, got me pumped up
  13. heah brett, I hit up johnny about that right before he left for baja & it didn't sound he was going to get at that project before he left but he would be the one to ask on that one. I checked the BD cage with the light & the side pivots mount up to the Kragen light but you have to mod the top mount to accept the bigget bolt for the Kragen light..... pretty easy I am finally getting ready to re-assemble my engine but after that I'm going to start on the light. I think i'm going with the battery set up from BD for its simplicity. Well DanW, where's the ride report huh? How bout' you T.Lee (desert yeti) where's your ride report, or did you get banned like stency.