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  1. This is for anyone interested in doing the conversion from stock suspension to the cr forks.,1&item=330026622305&ih=014&sspagename=STRK%3AMESE%3AIT
  2. Bad gas??? Sparkplug???
  3. Bad gas???
  4. If something happened to your stock exhaust and you needed a new one, do you think you would pay $125? Or just pay $75 more and get a brand new pipe? Even though its not 10 times better than the stock, ITS STILL BETTER!
  5. $100 and $125 FOR A STOCK EXHAUST!!!! Thats crazy!! Dude if you really need a stock exhaust buy it off of ebay. I just sold mine for $20 and i was happy i got that much out of it. It didnt have a single scratch with about 5 hours on it. KEEP SEARCHING!!
  6. I hate it when posts like this get this way. Why do people always have to b***h about stuff like this. ITS THEIR LIFE!!! LET HIM DO WHAT HE WANTS!!
  7. and you used the same races and bearing from the stock 230 stem?
  8. Typical Honda! Heres what i do, not saying that it is right. I will start the bike with full throttle and turn the idle nob up so its idleing high. Then after about 10 seconds i will put it in half choke, it will start idleing really high so you will have to turn it down as far as it will go without letting it die. Then just let it sit for a couple of minutes, take of the choke and adjust the idle screw till you think it is right.
  9. Hey man im still in the process of suspension swap and i was wondering if you could get away with anb xr500 triple clamp? Ive got 1999 cr 250 forks.
  10. gutsracing
  11. I just put on the tall medium foam and the gripper seat cover and i love it
  12. Bend your levers
  13. Im sellin mine!!,1&item=330010033196&ih=014&sspagename=STRK%3AMESE%3AIT
  15. Pictures are in my garage...take a look