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  1. toycloser

    New XR650-L

    I want to add to this ten year old thread. [emoji23] i just installed a Seat concept kit on my 20 year old bike. The seat is firm and comfy but makes an already tall but even taller. If your worried about the height they make a low version.
  2. I love working on bikes. So the more often I can tear one apart the happier I am. 😆 Did you just call me fat? 😉 I bought the bike this way.
  3. toycloser


    Rising up 1st gear closer to second gear makes a lot of sense but I already ordered 2nd gear. Thanks Steven. I hope all is well. I finally finished the other engine you helped me with. Thank you BTW. It's running great but not broken in yet. I guess I'm not getting away without replacing these two gears? They're not cheap and I've already dropped a ton into this one... No turning back now? Ken
  4. toycloser


    I just finished an '06 XR650L with 10.5:1 101mm piston, 2nd gear and 5th gear.
  5. toycloser


    I just did that mod on the last engine but don't find it to be such the big deal everybody makes it out to be. Why is it so important to you?
  6. toycloser


    Good catch. The counter shaft is already in the cart along with the 16 tooth second gear.
  7. 16k miles on this one and everybody says it looks pretty good... 🤨
  8. This pisses me off so bad. I just finished rebuilding two of these and I'm no mechanic. Such a simple design, how does a "Professional" get it so wrong?
  9. toycloser

    Show your PIG

    I bought it with a melted piston. All done now with 101mm 10.5-1 piston, 2nd and 5th gear mod. I put it in my '99 for break in because the 06 isn't registered and probably won't be (up for sale soon) and I need to repair the transmission in the '99. Will it ever end??? I have a cafe racer project on hold because of these two!
  10. My transmission is not holding second gear. It shifts perfectly through the gears and works perfectly in all gears except 2nd gear will "skip" with any throttle. It looks like 5th gear is not engaging fully to second but I cannot figure out why. There is a little damage on the fork that doesn't seem to be enough to keep it from working. Before throwing a bunch of money at parts, I figured somebody may have run into this before. It's 1999 with 16k. No evidence of earlier case splitting.
  11. toycloser

    Other mods when doing 2nd and 5th gear swap

    I just took my 06 apart last night and it does have the old spring in it. I'll be ordering a new one.
  12. toycloser

    Show your PIG

    My pig is looking a little skinny.
  13. toycloser

    Show your PIG

    My Pig is a little thin these days...
  14. toycloser

    What's This 2003 XR650L Worth?

    Nice! I just picked up my XR650L last night for $2,000. She's gonna need a good cleaning and once over. I can't wait to tear her apart.