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  1. I just took my 06 apart last night and it does have the old spring in it. I'll be ordering a new one.
  2. My pig is looking a little skinny.
  3. My Pig is a little thin these days...
  4. Nice! I just picked up my XR650L last night for $2,000. She's gonna need a good cleaning and once over. I can't wait to tear her apart.
  5. It's new to me! 1999 XR650L. Let the fun begin!
  6. In the middle of winter?
  7. I love this thread! I'm picking up a 99 xr650l in a couple of hours. This thread is motivating me! Keep the photos coming!
  8. My second DRZ:
  9. I just ordered mine.
  10. I just bough a 2007 Drz 400 with 17k miles. Today I dismantled the carburetor and found a missing tong that holds the needle in place. Does anybody know a good place to get a slide? Ken
  11. Damn dude post some pics!! Of your wife that is:D
  12. been on ebay. i'll check out ktmtalk.com thanks
  13. I bought a 1998 SX 380 that is missing a cylinder. Can someone help me find one?
  14. 2005 drz 400, 1200 miles Athena big bore kit, full Yosh exhaust, jet kit and dunlop 606's.... all for $4300 including tax:ride: how could i pass that up?
  15. guess your not meeting me