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  1. Thanks for ideas. That explanation seems possible and I have looked just about everywhere else. Will tear down motor again, more to follow!
  2. Actually ran bike for a couple of hours and used up all the oil in the crankcase ( 1.5 qts.). Bike seems to burn oil very quickly. Smokes like hell and oil dripping from joint between exhaust pipes (low spot).
  3. Thanks for response. Cylinder was bored .020" over. Compression very good. Valves seated properly. Must be something else. Almost seems like oil must be coming from top of head not from under piston.
  4. I have a 82' xl500r that was rebuilt with new rings, piston, seals, valves, cam chain, basically everything. When I start it, I get a lot of oil coming out of the exhaust (burnt and not burnt). I have tore the engine back down twice looking for the problem and can't find anything obvious. Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks