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  1. DezXR650R

    weight concious mods?

    hello all, i have recently purchased a new xr650r...and although i love the bike and it suits the type of riding i do perfectly, the thing just weighs a ton. bone stock it weighs something like 280 pounds. add on the desert tank and all regular desert protection mods and you're looking at a bike well over 300 pounds. for a guy who only weighs 140 pounds with gear on, im looking for some modifications i can make to the bike that will take off some excess poundage. it has me wondering if there are any mods at all that will shave off weight, seeing with a desert bike you normally put on some pounds because everything has to be heavy-duty. can anyone out there help me?
  2. DezXR650R

    Value of 88' 600R?

    kbb value on a perfect-condition '88 xr600r is $1075. i'd offer him $1k. http://www.kbb.com/kb/ki.dll/ke.kb.mr?kbb.NV;916769;NV003&89144;rc;r&&1988;Honda;XR600R;41600;10910;;;;&&&&&