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  1. yzf250can

    Crankcase gasket replacement question

    Thanks! Doesn't sound to bad.
  2. yzf250can

    Crankcase gasket replacement question

    Nobody has any information on this. I just want to know if it will be a 5 hour job or a 30 minute job.
  3. I have a small leak from behind the kick starter area on my 2002 YZ250F. It seems to be coming from the gasket right in front of my rear swingarm where the gasket seems to bunched up protruding from the crankcase. I've looked at the cover which has to be removed. My question is, can I just remove the kick starter and then the big cover and then the gasket or do I have to remove the clutch cover, oil filter cover and filter, impeller cover and so on in order to replace this gasket? Thanks!
  4. I have a 2002 YZ250F and was debating getting a 11 ounce flywheel weight but I have to buy a new case cover also which starts to get $$$$. Does a 2002 WR flywheel fit a 2002 YZ250F motor with no modification and what weight would it be in comparision to the YZ flywheel? This may be a cheaper way of getting some weight on the flywheel. Any info would be great. Thanks!
  5. Just has the title says. I need to know what year WR stator & flywheel will fit my 2002 YZ250F after I have performed the stator mods myself as per electrex instructions? Also, what is the lighting coil output once the mods have been done to a WR stator ans installed in a YZ250F. Thanks!
  6. yzf250can

    Questions on YZF to WR conversion

    No info from anyone?
  7. I've been looking at the ESL380 from electrosport for my 2002 YZ250F. Looking at their install directions (downloaded) I see that they use 2 of the four generators for power to the CDI & the other two for lighting power. As apposed to the three currently used to run the CDI in a stock YZ250F. My question is looking at the ESL380 I could simple rewire the stock stator to run the CDI from 2 generators and the other two run for lights or I could rewind the stator and then proceed with 2 & 2 setup like the ESL380. If I did rewind the stator does anyone know what guage wire the guys at electrosport used and how many wraps, etc... to get the voltage right? They seem to just ground the pink wire going to the CDI, is this not used at stock settings or is the new stator providing correct voltage from two instead of three generators? Any input you guys may have would be great. Thanks!
  8. yzf250can

    YZ250F Stator question

    No comments from anyone?
  9. I had a few questions on converting my 2002 YZ250F to run lights. First, I could get a 2002 WR flywheel & stator and use it as per stock or do I also need the CDI for the 2002 Wr? Also, does the stator have to be modified? I saw a link to modify a WR stator on another posting but it doesn't work anymore. Is this option better than the electrosport stator option? I know the electrosport stator produces only 50 watts. Is that enough for headlight, taillight and signal lights with a small horn or should I really focus on the WR stator? What output will a 2002 WR stator make in my 2002 YZ 250F. Any info would be great. Thanks!
  10. yzf250can

    WR250F Rear Fender

    What year rear fenders from the WR250&450 will fit my 2002 YZ250F. Thanks!
  11. yzf250can

    YZ250F Stator question

    Can a 2002 YZ250F stator be rewind to generate enough watts to power a WR headlight and taillight. I know there are other mods like a resistor but I just want to make sure that I can generate enough power out of the stock YZ250F to do what I want. Thanks!