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  1. MN_Paul

    Might be hitting Akeley this weekend.

    I am planning on being there this weekend on Sat and possibly Sun. Meeting some friends at the Stompin grounds. Paul
  2. MN_Paul

    Duquette / Moose Run Enduro Oct. 8-9

    I also got to work this event this year and I had a great time. Got to meet Staple Puller (congrats on the win) and a bunch of wonderful guys from SAER. Too bad Treesmacker couldn't control the awsome power of his TTR125. Hope you heal fast. Paul
  3. MN_Paul

    Duquette / Moose Run Enduro Oct. 8-9

    A few years ago, I ended up on the same minute with Dylan and a Wisconsin rider. After the 4th reset, he asked me "Who was that masked man? I think his throttle is stuck wide open and he just hits the kill switch every so often." I watched him at the next reset and that was a pretty good description of how he rides. The D23 site has a few helmet cam videos from him and it is really interesting to see the trails from his point of view and listen to the bike really sing. Paul
  4. MN_Paul

    Mazeppa HS Oct 16

    I am looking forward to being there and maybe crash the Vet-B party. Paul
  5. MN_Paul

    what is a MN enduro like?

    Last year Treesmacker's son would have been comparable to a pretty good C rider. The small bike he rides is more difficult on rocky sections and steep hills but is an advantage in the tight single track. Last year I wish I was riding my daughter's 105 at Mora. Most enduros are a 24 mph average, Mora and Stone Lake are an 18 mph enduro but for different reasons. At Stone Lake, either the mud or the slimy rocks keep the speed down. At Mora, there is just a lot of tight single track and a few rocky areas. If it a wet year, there can be some wet areas, but since it is in a state park, they are careful to minimize the damage to the lowlands. It is a tough enduro and you will probably come away being pretty exhausted. Paul
  6. MN_Paul

    what is a MN enduro like?

    I did some quick calculations with the results below. It is interesting how for the AA and most of the A class, the scores aren't that much higher than normal. I guess if you go fast enough, the rocks and the mud aren't that much of a factor. Another thing to keep in mind is that it rained most of Saturday night and the Stone Lake course gets ugly when it gets wet, especially if you have a later minute. Anyone beyond minute 20 had some really tough conditions. I counted 13 riders who paid (probably on Saturday) but decided not to ride. Finishers who started A & AA 37 out of 41 (90%) B 17 out of 31 (55%) C 6 out of 20 (30%) Speciality 1 out or 8 (12%) Masters, Juniors, women Overall 61 out of 100 (60%) Paul Schommer
  7. MN_Paul

    what is a MN enduro like?

    The only item you really need is a watch that you can tape to your handlebar or someplace easy to read. As mentioned before, just set your watch so it reads the correct time for when you start. After that, you just make sure that you are on the line after the resets when your route sheet matches the time on your watch. You can tape the map sheet to your tank. The easiest way is to do your first enduro is to have a watch, a route sheet with as a learning tool. All you really need to do is get to know the people on your minute and leave when they do. If no one on your minute has much experience or is really slow, then get to know the 4 riders riders in the row ahead of you and just start 1 minute later. You also need a bike that will pass (or be really close) the sound check. They usually are a 3 to 5 hour event, so dont push too hard at the beginning or you can get exhausted and be more crash prone later. A camelbak is a great idea.
  8. MN_Paul

    what is a MN enduro like?

    Back to the original question about the gas stops, the organizers try and have the events set up so you dont have to go more than 25 -30 miles to get gas since that is the range for some of moto bikes and most of the youth/small adult sized bikes. At Huntersville (and others), main gas is where you are parked. If you can get 40-45 miles at race pace, then you dont have to use the optional gas stop where they bring the gas trailer. It is also a place to put a cooler and some extra drinks and a light snack. Enduros are a bit like a high speed trail ride. You get to take breaks, you dont have to worry about oncoming traffic, the trails are trimmed and you get to meet and hang out with a lot of fun and interesting people. If you want to ride at a trail riding pace you can usually choose to start near the end and then you dont have to worry about being in anyones way. You can take a moto bike on one but unless you soften up the suspension, it will tire you out a bit faster. You can take a trail bike on one as well and just enjoy the ride. It is not uncommon to see a TTR125. Some locations are more beginner friendly than others. Huntersville is probably the easiest one for a beginner since there is no timekeeping and the terrain is fairly flat and loose dirt so it rarely is too wet. Akely East is mostly beginner friendly but does have some challenging sections and handles being wet better then most. Akely West offers some diverse riding but some hills and low areas can be tough if there is a lot of rain. If anyone wants to try one but has questions or wants some guidance, you can go to the District 23 cross country forum (or this one) and you will get all the help you need. Paul
  9. MN_Paul

    Who is racing the Crosby HS this Sunday?

    I will be there along with my daughter. If it is like last year, it is a long fast course (about 12 miles). There is a relatively short tight woods section, some riding through rock strewn pasture and some fast wooded sections along with a little bit of a moto track. It was a lot of fun but dont leave the designated trail since there are large rocks and stumps hiding in the grass. Paul
  10. MN_Paul

    Who is racing the Hill City HS this weekend?

    Well, my daughter ended up getting 2nd in Womens on Sat and she definitely needed to pit on her 105 with its tiny tank. I was feeling out of sorts on Sunday and was moving really slow the first 2 laps, and was really glad when my 2 hours were up (they told us that 50+ only rode for 2 hours). When I crossed the line at 2:01 they told me it got changed and I had another 44 minutes to ride which I figured was only 1 more lap at the pace I was going. Came in the next lap at 2:42 and so I had to do another lap. So I stopped for gas and kept going. For some reason, I felt better as the race went on. I was in 7th place after the first lap and ended up in 3rd at the end. Turns out that the guy who got 2nd after 2:45 was in 1st place at the end of 2 hours and made an official protest since the AMA rules state that 50+ only ride for 2 hours. It was good to know that I could survive riding close to 3 1/2 hours. It was a great course and the hosting club had people in the nasty spots (which I utilized a few times). Paul
  11. MN_Paul

    Who is racing the Hill City HS this weekend?

    Pacing might be a better term than (back off). I have found that if I push too hard on the first lap, I almost always have a crash or miss a turn. By the end of 2 hours I end up going slower than a trail riding pace if I have to pick up the bike more than a couple of times. Do what is comfortable for you but with the heat and the longer ride, the turtle might win the Hill City race. Paul
  12. MN_Paul

    Who is racing the Hill City HS this weekend?

    I will be up there on Sat (my daughter will be racing) and I will be racing (3 hour trail ride) on Sunday. When I first started riding B class last year, I had the same concern. You might want to back off a little for the first few laps and after that, just ride. If you are concerned about running out of juice, you can always take a few minutes for a pit stop during the second hour. Remember that almost everyone will be in the same boat as you. It's the 3 hour race on Sunday that has me wondering the same thing as you. Paul 50+
  13. I will see you at Jimmy's. It's been a while, looking forward to seeing everyone again. Paul
  14. MN_Paul

    Twin Cities Social >> Mon / Tues, 9-30 / 10-1 ?

    I was wondering the same thing. Thurs or Friday would be best for me. Paul
  15. MN_Paul

    Trollhaugen, WI - Hare Scrambles - Sept 14

    Thanks for the compliment. I started racing last year on a WR 450 and ran most of the year in Open C. Most of my finishes were in mid pack or lower. It was a blast to have all that power for trail riding but it was too much power for me in the tight sections and too heavy to pick up all the time when I was racing. This year I went Orange (250XCW), had a Recluse installed and the suspension lowered and set up for me. The smaller bike has given me a lot more confidence and so I have been able to imporve my riding quite a bit. In the tight stuff, smaller is better. I consistantly get my but kicked by 2 of the Juniors (15 and under with 85cc bikes) that ride with us in the C class. Hope to meet you and your wife at Cambridge. Paul