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    Suzuki Lt-80 vs new 4-stroke 90

    I have an 87 lt-80 that runs great and my 8 year old rides well. For an 80 the lt rips right along. I was thinking of getting him a new 90 4-stroke so I wouldn't worry about break downs when we ride trails. The 80 runs great but it is 27 years old! From what I've read the new 90's don't have much power. So how would the 2 compare? I would be looking at a can-am ds-90 or Polaris sportsman 90, since those are my closest dealer options. Thanks for your input.
  2. sgrenier35


    I just picked up an 03 drz 125. I have a few problems to address. First I need some spokes for the rear wheel. Where is the best place to get these? Second the shifter was really loose and sloppy on the pivot. I took it off and the pivot is all worm out. T It there a way to change the pivot ? Or is there a way to put a shifter directly on the shift shaft? If I wanted to go to an l sized rear wheel can I use the same hub and order an l spoke kit and find a 16" rim? Thanks
  3. sgrenier35

    new guy with new to me 93 RM125

    Wow I feel dumb.... Any idea where I could source an idle screw or where to look for a mikuni part number? Thanks for the help. As for the plastic I guess my confusion comes from the fact that all of the pics I have seen show the rad shrouds inset into the side of the tank and mine completely cover the side of the tank.
  4. Hi I've been lurking about the site for the last few weeks since I picked up this 1993 RM for $500 bucks. The bike is really well decked out, with PC pipe, excil rims, protaper bar, EBC brakes, V-Force reeds and RG3 Suspension. When I got it it needed a new intake boot, and the tranny would only shift into 1st. After some searches here I took the clutch out and found that the shifter and shift pawl were not meshed together correctly, and were off by 1 tooth. With that sorted and a new intake boot, i fired it up yesterday and tried it out. The bike went well and shifted into all gears, which was great. However I couldn't get the bike to idle. It has a Mikuni flatslide carb that doesn't appear to be stock , as it is different than the one shown in my 93 service manual. So how do I adjust the idle with this carb. I was told by the seller that the bike had 03 plastics on it, but honestly it doesn't look like any of the bikes in the show your rm's sticky. The Frame has the P designation so I am pretty sure it is a 93 frame. Can anyone tell me what year plastics they are? Does this mean that the tank is from a different year as well? The bike also came with a 94 rolling chassis, so I was wondering what other year motors would fit into the roller so I could make it a runner. I think I would only need a motor, gas tank and seat to make it come together. Thanks for your help.
  5. This may be the wrong place but here goes. I picked up a 70cc clone used, it blows whitish smoke from the breather when I first start it, then after it runs a while it starts smoking even worse. Do I need new rings? maybe a piston? It seems like it has decent compression