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  1. I've been looking for a different bike (other than the top 5), I ride mainly motocross and occasional woods run and prefer 2 strokes. In your opinion, would the gas gas 250 enduro racer do well in motocross, I know the suspension may not be up to the task, but all my bikes get the suspension done anyways. I like the looks & the write-ups I've read on the Gas Gas. any thoughts?
  2. You may want to try a leak down test to check the condition of the engine. I find that trying to do a compression test on a engine with a decompression valve is harder to get right, you need to kick that sucker over 500rpm to override the decompresser. Plus an additional bonus is that you check the sealing of the valves with just the one test.
  3. On a KTM with the hydraulic tensioner, you MUST reset the tensioner's plunger to the thickness of a U.S. nickel or you can use the washer from the bolt used to stabilize the crank when working on it. then once the tensioner is mounted back into the cylinder you must release the tensioner as Travis mentioned.
  4. How do the TM's stack up to the competion? I know they come with all the goodies and that you can order them with suspension already dialed in to ypur weight and riding abilities, but what about handling, power, reliability etc..not to mention parts and support? I like the TM's because they're different, just nervous.
  5. Here/Here, We need to support all our local dealers! When they go we'll miss them.
  6. Could you explain what that means to us non-Californian? Good news/bad news?
  7. Thanks guys, I know guys with KTM's & Cobra's and they argue about who's better, but was curious about how the Lem & Polini stacked up. I'm actually leaning towards the Lem. I've seen KTM's with cracked frame's around the rear swingarm pivot's/footpegs, wheelbearing problems, oil leaks, clutch maintenance, I know cobra's are fast but the rest of the bike doesn't hold up as well as the KTM? So I'm thinking the Lem, has a proven engine, good supension and haven't about any major problems (install a Tomar though). Thanks again
  8. I'm looking for a mini to race with my son and confussed on which one? I'm looking at KTM, LEM, Cobra, Polini. They all have thier strong points but am curious which one is the best overall?
  9. I ordered up a exc cooling fan kit (mounts to rad), comes with a fan, wiring harness and the fan switcg that mounts into the rad. Problem I'm having is that there isn't a port in my SMR-560's rad's? Does anyone know of a temp sensor/fan switch that wilol fit into one of the hoses?
  10. Thanks for the help, I really appreciate it. Shawn
  11. I'm rebuilding my RMZ250 cylinder head and was wondering if anyone would have the valve and valve spring specs? plus the valve clearance. Any help would be helpful. Thanks