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  1. I'm on my second Tacoma (owned a 96, now an 2005). I'm at 78K miles, and not a single thing done to it. It's a solid truck, it's not without it's flaws, though. I have lots of little rattles/squeaks, the leaf springs are a joke, and the tailgate has left a little to be desired. Get's 19mpg combined in the summer, 17.5mpg in the winter, 21mpg all highway in the summer, 20mpg all highway in the winter. 2005 AC TRD 4x4. I'm thinking of going a bit a bigger, though, so who knows. I need to carry full 4' sheeting between the wheel wells.
  2. Good discussion (for the most part anyways). I'll comment on this since I'm a Toyota owner (and a relatively new model owner as well). I definitely feel Toyota is slipping away from their quality "roots" of quality and reliability. I do like my 05, but design wise, it's still "lacking" somewhat in the truck department. I feel there were a lot of cut corners to make it appeal to the people who really don't use a truck for a truck. The rear springs are a joke, the tailgate is weak, and the exhaust is run UNDER the tranny x-member, so that effectively becomes your lowest contact point after the rear diff:bonk: I'm enjoying my truck, but playing with thoughts of an alternative. I would like an 05-06 F150, but I'm not sold on Ford's CS just based on my dad's experiences with our local dealer,. Plus the MPG is HORRENDOUS on them.
  3. I'm going to be posting this on multiple auto related forums I'm a member of, because it's going to serve as a survey of sorts for my own personal curiosity. Let me start off by saying, I'm only 24, I've only owned two trucks in my life (96 Toyota Tacoma and now my 05 Tacoma). I've driven (regularly) an 84 F150, 2001 F150, 2003 F250, 98 Subaru Outback, 2008 Outback (all my parents). So, I don't have a LOT of vehicle experience, I'm just an observer here asking questions. It seems vehicle choice can be as touchy of a subject as politics and religion. What starts out as a friendly debate can turn into vicious personal insults over vehicles we drive. I go to Ford sites, and they all hate Toyota (more than GM, Nissan, and Dodge). Go to a Toyota site, and they all hate the big three. Go to any "third party" site like this and you will quickly find automotive threads bashing each others vehicle choices. My observations from most of these situations is that MOST (not always), but MOST of the conversation (or lack thereof) is based off of hearsay. One guy hates another brand, because well "it just sucks." I've very rarely found too many people in these threads across multiple forums ever come up with legitimate evidence-backed, first hand experience as to WHY they feel the way they do about one vehicle over another. Most of us don't have the financial means to purchase multiple vehicles to test and compare, so it's probably safe to assume most of the bad things people have to say about other brands are from word of mouth. So, being a Toyota owner most of my vehicle life, I've been a member of Toyota forums for quite some time. As a rule, most are adamantly against any "domestic" auto manufacturer. Most claim longevity to be the biggest complaint, yet I would venture many have never owned any of them to make such a justification. On the same side of the fence, you go to a Big Three forum, and you mention Toyota and you're branded an anti-american driving an overpriced girlie truck. Yet, again, I would venture most have little to no first hand experience to back that up. I've researched vehicles and owner experiences a LOT on the internet and across a wide variety of forums, and I've come to the conclusion that I THINK (emphasis on think here) that MANY of the problems people bash brands about are blown out of proportion. I've found many happy consumers of all vehicle manufacturers (yes even those who have owned them for a long period of time). Plenty of Ford guys seem to love their trucks (many of which are well into 6 figure mileages), Toyota guys certainly have a cult-like following, but seem to be overall pretty pleased with their vehicles (especially the 1st gen Tacomas and 79-85 trucks). Chevy guys love their trucks and the mileage they get, etc. You get the point. So, what is it that makes people hate other people's trucks so much? Is there truly ONE dominant manufacturer out there (not sales, I mean quality and performance)? Or are they all really pretty solid vehicles with the occasional problems that all manufacturers (of any consumer good) are plagued with (some being blown out of proportion more than others)? I say drive what you like, but at the same time, don't be so critical of others choices, while keeping an open mind to all manufacturer's out there. Personally, I'm very happy with Toyota for what I've owned. Do I think they're superior to all brands? No. Are there positives and negatives to their vehicles? Sure are. But I feel this is the case for all manufacturer's. So, I'm interested to hear your thoughts on this. I hope it doesn't turn to a brand bashing thread, but more a rational discussion amongst fellow truck owners.
  4. Ahh, good one. I watch one (count it...one) TV show a week...and that's 24. I'm NEVER watching TV, nor am I inside when I don't have to be, but that's neither here nor there. I'm asking opinions because I never owned one before. As for getting bored, I honestly don't think I will the more I think about it. Heck, I've driven my Big Bear on our 90 acres since I was 14 (now 24), and that still doesn't bore me:thumbsup: The idea of having the ability to break away from our 90 acres is nice, though.
  5. You all make great points. Out of curiousty, have any of you guys hit or came close to hitting a wild animal wild riding? I know it sounds funny, but it's my greatest concern since I won't be riding near traffic much of the time.
  6. MGH-PA

    The Pa DCNR tribute to the Man

    Yeah, that's making the decision on whether on not to get dual sport more and more convincing to get one:banana: That place is only 1.5hrs from me. Do you have anymore pictures of the ride? I would love to get over there sometime. I might take my truck in the meantime just to see the place.
  7. I don't get bored with hobbies, I just get TOO interested in too many things, then I don't have enough time or money. I'm a very big hunter/fisherman. I've been doing that all my life (24 now). I got into target archery a bit in the last year and now do most of the work on my bows. I'm going to start flyfishing this spring/summer. The only reason I got out of offroading (truck) was because Paragon shut down, and Rausch is a 2.5hr+ drive for me, and I didn't like just having one legal place to go. I'm also into digital photography and now woodworking. It never ends. However, the idea of having a bike that was street legal has ALWAYS been in the back of my mind since I learned to ride on my 74 Kawasaki 175 when I was 10.
  8. I mountain biked for years in high school. Many of the trail systems I used are not open to motorized vehicles:foul: I work out 6 days a week, so the exercise isn't entirely necessary, but it would certainly be a nice alternative to running. I find it hard to believe I would get bored as well. You wouldn't believe how many nice days last summer I thought to myself, "I would love to hop on a bike and ride to my cabin (cabin is 15 minutes away, and has 1200 acres, not to mention all of the winding mountain dirt roads around it). Ugh, if only I wasn't buying a house:ride:
  9. Alright, LONG time reader, but I haven't posted much. I posted a couple of years ago considering purchasing a dual sport when I was still in college. Well, I never got around to it. Now that I'm out, and my fiance and I just purchasing a new house, I can't swing one now, but probably in the future a ways. I've always been into offroading (I've ridden bikes, quads, and built a decent trail truck out of my 96 Tacoma through college). I know drive a stock 05 TRD Tacoma. I was considering building it back up a bit, but I feel as if that might be a bit of a waste considering there is really few parks in PA or legal places in PA anymore. Now, the idea of a dual sport is REALLY appealing to me since I live in a fairly rural area of PA, and there are backcountry dirt/fire roads that I would love to ride. However, my hesitations are this. One, I don't know of ANY riders in this area (Williamsport/Cogan Station), so I would be riding by myself a lot. This leads me to worry about injury. I know it's not advisable to offroad by yourself in case something happens, so I would assume the same applies to dual sporting. However, living where I do, I can easily hop on the bike and go exploring/riding right away any time. Do you guys get tired of riding the same trails/road? I'm sure there's plenty of roads around here to keep me busy (even the Bald Eagle state forrest is within 1.5hrs from me). Anyways, what do you think? Anything else you guys have that can sway me in one direction or another:ride:
  10. 30 miles roundtrip, 5 days a week. 9 months a year (teacher:applause: ). Truck gets 19mpg avg. $4/gallon ~$1136. Yikes. Oh well...plan is to pay it the truck off by Sept/Oct (that will be 9months into the 4yr loan, lol). Then all I have to pay is gas/insurance.
  11. Nice bike. How do these bikes do for dual sporting? I would think they would be wound out up around 55mph or so. It is about 40lbs lighter than a DRZ400s though so I bet it would be much more enjoyable to ride offroad. I don't seem to hear much about this bike other than the TTRs are recommended for the female riders.
  12. What's the resale like on these bikes? I know they're no equivalent to the $3000-$8000 bikes, but I'm considering getting one this summer to get started playing around back country roads and some trails. I won't be doing any hardcore enduros or rock littered trails, but these should hold up to mild trails and dirt roads? I'm only inquiring as to the resale because I can't really afford I Drz or KTM right now, but I will have a real career starting in the Fall (as a teacher) so next summer I should be able to get a drz, etc. I would probably keep this bike for the summer and sell it before I got another one. Nice thread by the way...lots of information.
  13. MGH-PA

    Lifan Street Bike?

    Yeah that's very true. I guess I will have to grow accustom to the looks of the 250 ninja. But I guess there will be reassurance that I have a name brand and parts will be available locally.
  14. MGH-PA

    Lifan Street Bike?

    Also, for those who have the Lifan Dual Sports, who do you have your insurance set up through? Progressive doesn't have them listed under their online quote process.
  15. MGH-PA

    Lifan Street Bike?

    Yeah the parts issue is what concerns me. I like the fact that it's an 06 brand new shipped to my area for about the same price an older 250 ninja can be had for. Obviously this isn't as powerful as a ninja, but like I stated earlier, 65-70mph is perfectly fine for me.