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  1. 4thekidz

    Run in with Carnegie ranger....

    This guy was in his truck, but he was wearing full riding gear and a gunbelt. At Carnegie they ride KTM's and quads.
  2. 4thekidz

    Run in with Carnegie ranger....

    So while the older kids were in school today and with the end of red sticker riding season looming in the next few days, I loaded up my three year old and his training wheel equiped JR50 (red stickered bike) for one more legal riding day at Carnegie. I'm hoping to get him off the training wheels so he can ride the green stickered CRF 50 his brother just got off of. Sure enough after about a 15 minute warm-up ride, the little dude tells me I can take the training wheels off. So I do and he takes to the two wheels like a fish to water. While he's cruising around and I'm chasing him with the video camera, the ranger roll's up. The ranger and I get to talking and he tell's me he thought my son was wearing shorts from a distance. His fox riding pants are a little short for him and I had him riding in tennis shoes for his first time without training wheels. He has a hard time with his riding boots and I didn't want that to distract him. So, the ranger tells me to hang on for a second and he takes off. My little dude takes a break and while he is sipping on a capri sun, the ranger returns with a pair of Thor pants. He tells me they belonged to his son and he had outgrown them. The ranger then gives the pants to my son. We talk a little more and then he gets back to work. After all the negative stories I read around here about these guys/gals, I just wanted to take a second and tell my story. I didn't get the rangers name (he was in riding gear with no name tag), but I wanted to say thanks, my son loves his new pants.
  3. 4thekidz

    Shade Awning

    I have an EZ-UP that's been around for 10 + years. The fabric finally wore out. Very expensive to replace. So I bought one of these a couple of years ago http://www.sportsauthority.com/product/index.jsp?productId=2276689&cp=2057781.714752.712492&pageType=family&parentPage=family. No problems yet. Wait until they go on sale. I think I paid about $70.
  4. 4thekidz

    We are our worst enemy.

    I went to a state park today to ride with the family. As I got out of the truck, I saw McDonalds crap all over the ground. Cups, bags, napkins etc. All of this crap was about 15 feet from a garbage can. *** is wrong with people. I was brought up to pack out more than I packed in. When we are done for the day or a weekend of camping, my kids get a garbage bag and are expected to pick-up any trash they see. It takes a whopping 5 minutes. It shouldn't be a surprise to anyone why the tree huggers are winning.
  5. The best thing I learned about crashing (other than, not too) Relax.....like the rag doll comment. Don't fight it. It's like the drunk driver in the auto accident. He lives and everyone else dies......because he's relaxed and doesn't get tensed up at impact. I have lot's of sprains, scrapes and bruises over the years, but no broken bones. **knocks on wood**
  6. 4thekidz

    Red Sticker Fine ! !

    The 4463 is for fraudulent documents. Like creating a green sticker in photoshop. It's all about the money here. The DMV wanted to make a bold statement about trying to cheat the state out of money, so, they got a felony.
  7. 4thekidz

    Red Sticker Fine ! !

    Good choice.......California Vehicle Code 4463 False Evidences and Uses of Documents, Licenses, Devices, Placards, or Plates 4463. (a) Every person who, with intent to prejudice, damage, or defraud, commits any of the following acts is guilty of a felony and upon conviction thereof shall be punished by imprisonment in the state prison for 16 months, two or three years, or by imprisonment in the county jail for not more than one year:
  8. 4thekidz

    upgrade from a JR 50.

    The 110 (KLX) worked great for both of my older boys. It's been upgraded over the years for more power, better performance etc.....It's a little on the heavy side though. Other than that, they love it.
  9. Congrats on the little one. I started all my kids at around three and a half on a Suzuki JR 50 with training wheels. The bike has adjustable suspension, throttle limiter, single speed trans and is the smallest bike I know of. After they got the hang of it and were comfortable without the training wheels, I moved them up to a CRF 50. It has a little more power, three gears and you can get all the upgrades they could ever want. After that my kids have riden a KTM pro senior, a KLX 110 and a KX 65. Have fun and take a lot of pictures!!
  10. 4thekidz

    How is Carnegie????

    As long as you're not driving 3 hours to get there, Carnegie is a blast!
  11. 4thekidz

    Why I hate the California DMV.

    Regarding class A/B drivers, the traffic court judge in our city put's it this way, "You're a professional driver, you should know better" I would also quess it has to do with the sheer size of some commercial vehicles. The average commute vehicle does not do well when hit by a tractor trailer.
  12. 4thekidz

    Why I hate the California DMV.

    A buddy and I went into the DMV to get our M-1's. He had a class B w/pass endorsement. They handed him four test's. He freaked out. Told the dude he didn't need the class B anymore and tried to hand the extra test's back. The guy took the test and told my buddy to get back in line an re-register to take only the C and M-1. What a f'd up organization!!
  13. 4thekidz

    Small Crack In Plastic Tank??

    I cracked a tank near the petcock. I tried every glue I could find and I tried to melt the plastic together.....no luck with any of it. I finally had to break down and buy a new tank
  14. 4thekidz

    thor pants

    My two pair of Thor pants are about one size smaller than my regular pants. I don't wear the hip pads.
  15. 4thekidz

    How has Thumpertalk helped you?

    Thumpertalk has helped me learn the specifics of whatever bike's I may have in the garage at the time. What works and what doesn't. I've found new riding area's and had some lively conversations in town square!! Lot's of good people here.