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  1. RYAN41

    Aftermarket E-start

    you would also have to put the wr crank in it
  2. RYAN41

    Help,07WR250F radiator

    It should i bought a set of radiator braces for my 07 wr 250 and the braces fit the yz and the wr so the mount for them should be the same
  3. RYAN41

    2008 TTR 110 Mods

    bbr also makes a pipe for it
  4. RYAN41

    WR250 light removal

    I did the headlight/tailight removal and the charging system read 14.7 volts and it fried the regulator. The bike started missing on mid range and crack of the throttle. It is a very bad and notice problem. It sounds like it is the rev limiter. We replaced it and it ran fine then it blew again.
  5. RYAN41

    yz 250f front plate on an 07wr250

    i swapped mine you have to remove the triple clamp brackets that hold your headlight on, you have to remove the bracket that holds the compter and the wires( i made a bracket that mounts to the handlebars to hold the computer on) eletrical tape all the wires to keep them together, remove the bracket that holds the on/off switch and reroute it to under the bar pad on the right and finally to make the number plate mount up(there is no bolt hole to mount the number plate to on the triple clamp)(different triple clamps) so i put a self-tapping screw in the top
  6. RYAN41

    Thad Duvall's WR

    yz suspension most likely its what i did on mine a friend of mine was selling his yz so he let me swap the wr suspension to the yz and the yz to wr but you have to swap everything on the front end: caliper, axel wheel and wheel spacers
  7. RYAN41


    its a 2007
  8. RYAN41


    there is s shop in town that dynoed a stock yz 250f and is only getting 24 hp out of it
  9. RYAN41


    I Have An 07 Wr 250f With The Free Mods Done,ais Removal And And A Pro Circuit T-4 Slip On I Brought It To A Local Shop To Get Tuned On Their Dyno And Right Before They Started Jetting It Its Making A Little Over 30 Horsepower
  10. RYAN41

    electric start conversion

    it would be really expensive you can get everything like the flywheel starter clutch starter battery but the real expensive part is the crankshaft the crank is differnt in order to make it work
  11. RYAN41

    best exhaust for yz250f

    pro circuit
  12. RYAN41

    08 YZ250f or 08 RM-Z250?

    The yamaha valves will last longer and you will not have to adjust them as much as the suzuki
  13. RYAN41

    2008 WR250F free mods..... where can i

    to unleash the wr cheaply cut the gray and blue wire remove, the baffle, buy the ais removal kit $30, it takes the aid off by blocking it off on the motor and the airbox, it gives you a different throttle stop screw that is about half the size of the stock one, you will have to remove the carb. it gives you an adjustable needle whereas stock is not, you will put it on the 4th clip from the top, it gives you a smaller main jet just one size smaller 170 to 165 and gives you a different leak jet thats in the bowl of the carb.
  14. RYAN41

    black and blue yzf?

    powdercoated black motor frame and swingarm looked decent saw it in the supermoto forum can'tt find the pic anymore
  15. RYAN41

    Kick Stand for YZ250F?

    i put the wr 250 kickstand of the yz 250f it bolts right up get the wr 250 footpeg bracket the footpeg bracket mounts to the chain roller and the frame get the kickstand and spring and a longer bolt for the chain roller because of the the bracket mounting on the chain roller