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  1. I have a 2003 525. It has been modified by KTM for more ponies, and had a 6 speed tranny installed. Pretty neat on the street, but I have decided I am too immature to ride on pavement. This model came with both sets of wheels/brakes/plastic for dirt or supermoto. What I want to do is de-tune the bike for fun on the dirt. I have already tried sprocket ratios, but it's not nearly enough. Does anyone know what I have to do to get the gentle manners of the 525 e/xc out of this beast? It is a cam, cam timing, carb setting, or what? Is it even possible? Is it wiser to just sell the bike and buy an e/xc? Any help is appreciated!!
  2. Howdy. This 2003 sx was modified by the KTM factory guys. It has a Kunzel head, and now sports a 6 speed tranny. The guy I bought it from claims 70 horse, but I am not sure that is even possible from a 525 on pump gas. Let's just say it's a very serious motor. At idle, it will turn the first few inches of header bright orange after about a minute. That seems like a lean condition to me. Currently is has a #185 main, #42 pilot, OBDTP needle. The squirt is over a second, so we can assume that it's stock too. What is that other jet-like brass affair? whatever it is, mine is a #85. This bike is set up for road use only, with very sticky DOT approved tires. Avons, if that matters. Here in Western Washington we go from sea level to 4000 feet max, rather humid, and from 50 to 90 degrees f. It holds an idle pretty well, is not too tough to start, and pops about 3 times when shut down after a long full-throttle run. Any advice is welcome, including "don't fool with it". My real goal is to not burn my pipes, valves, etc. Like Spock, I just want my SX to live long and prosper.