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  1. mxracer007n98

    06 yz450f rear wheel

    thanks, feel better about it now....
  2. mxracer007n98

    06 yz450f rear wheel

    Need help..... Replace rear wheel with new bearings, new spokes , new rim, but old hub , ck adjustment on both sides of rim , are the same .. but i have movement when i grab the tire from side to side. could it be the sleeve inside the hub ..... thanks
  3. mxracer007n98

    98 rm 250 5th. gear problems ?

    had a local shop do the work, run v force reeds , had pro circuit to polished and ported head and cycl. .., and i ride motocross tracks....
  4. mxracer007n98

    98 rm 250 5th. gear problems ?

    question....what would cause 5th gear to pop out and not stay engaged when i`ve had all transmission gears replaced 1 thru 5 and secondary 1 thru 5 over one year ago....and the reason i had the case split this last time ..is that third was the problem...so i replace all gears...could you help me please.......thank you
  5. mxracer007n98

    Where is MXRACER007n98

    yes,i`m here,been a 2 smoke for eight years, cross over in 07 on a 06 450 like a bat out of hell,............eat ,sleep motocross !!!!!!
  6. mxracer007n98

    D.I.D. VT chain master link rivit

    tell me what chain again ?