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  1. aytheist1

    GasGas ?

    I heard the 2014 Gassers might be drastically updated. Hope they get better brakes. I hate the Nissin front brakes on my 11' six days- gets stiff as hell after 10 minutes of riding despite master cyl rebuild and constant lubing. I've ridden several bikes with this problem all with at least one season behind them. I miss Brembos on my previous bikes. Better forks would be nice too.
  2. aytheist1

    New to me 570

    Best bike I ever owned was that exact model. I raced it for 3 years in 2 different series. Just give it a good once over and replace anything lacking. Don't run oil that is too thick on the highway because they are not made for that with extended periods of high rpms. I ran Castrol 20-50 when racing and lightened it up with a lithium battery. Spring it to your weight but don't worry too much about the forks because the front rarely touches the ground on that beast!
  3. gas gas 2 stroke- the late models are super quiet stock and are the best tight woods bike made IMO.
  4. aytheist1

    Ossa enduro bike?

    Maybe, but I'll bet the new Ossa handles like nothing else. My GG is a woods weapon, but I think everyone else on here hopes this Ossa is the next level for the woods. I'm getting a little bored hearing of how expensive bikes have gotten. Is anyone even aware of how much inflation there has been? In 1975 $1500 would be about $8000 now. So why all the crying? And I'm pretty sure most will agree it is a little more fun to ride a new bike than something with 4" of suspension travel, so we are definately getting more for our $$.
  5. aytheist1

    2011 KTM300 XC vs CR500 sevice Honda

    I ended up buying a 2011 Gas Gas EC300 Six Days instead. It felt much lighter than the Service Honda or the KTM 300 just setting on it. I hope it makes a good race bike. Thanks for all the replies!
  6. aytheist1

    2011 GasGas 300 Six Days

    email sent
  7. aytheist1

    Sugar sand, does it make you better?

    Experiencing different track conditions in their extremes helps you get a real "feel" for your bike. Practicing and setup should focus more on what conditions you will compete in.
  8. aytheist1

    Can Am and a DI 2T for 2013?

    Ooh ya. In fact Suzuki is already considering changing to a different color because Can Am is coming on so strong.
  9. aytheist1

    2011 KTM300 XC vs CR500 sevice Honda

    Thanks for all the replies!
  10. Forget the used 06' unless its perfect or you only ride twice a year. Any of the others are excellent choices.
  11. aytheist1

    2012 Husaberg 2 Stroke's

    WTG Nick!! That guy can ride tough nasty trails better than anyone I have ever seen. I saw him highpoint an Enduro on row 28 or something that most riders were houring out by row 10 it was so bad.
  12. aytheist1

    2011 KTM300 XC vs CR500 sevice Honda

    Service Honda makes new ones I believe(with 2002 technology mostly) that I am referring to. They sell for $10,500'ish.
  13. aytheist1

    husaberg controls

    Why clutch with a lever anyway? Get a Rekluse.
  14. Hi and thanks for looking. On the brink of buying my next HS bike, I am curious if anyone thinks a new CR500 would make a better bike than a 300 XC? Either way the first thing I will do is install a Rekluse Pro and get the suspension done. It's hard to ignore the CR500 at 14 lbs lighter claimed dry weight AND a much bigger engine. I've already considered the 500 to be a lot to handle and the vibration factor. Price is not an issue. Any thoughts?