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  1. sknight88

    Ok. just grabbed a 110, help and opinions please (motor)

    Thanks, Ill ceheck that out....
  2. So I swapped out my boys 2002 Polaris 90 for a 2008 Kawi 110. Clean title, older guy, all seemed legit. Perhaps slightly in my favor, but legit. We had to do a parking lot swap so it was a run 'em in the back of the truck only kinda deal. All seemed good. A bit heavily worn for a 08, grips, tires, side kicker cover etc, but also clean at the same time. Sure enough, as it warms up, it gets a bit louder from the engine. Mostly seems to be from the right side. Cant pinpoint it yet. Ive heard these motors can be a little "ticky". But, its blowing more smoke than the 2 stroke we traded, to the point of a oily exhaust pipe. So, based on your experinces etc, can I just re-ring it? Or buy a stock 5 or ten over piston and bore the stock cylinder? I like the 143 kit but the bikes for a 11 year old and not sure I want him on that. If I did that, can I leave the stock cam? Any thoughts or help to guide me is appreciated, thanks!
  3. sknight88


    How do you even try to compare a 4 speed e start bike to a 3 speed kick only with the foot pegs mounted to the engine cases? There not even close in my eyes!
  4. sknight88

    2007 ttr 50

    I was shooting for 900 to a 1000 for our mint 2006. Had about 4 offers in the 750.00 to 800.00 range I turned down simply cause I didnt have to sell it. Hope that helps ya, Shawn
  5. sknight88

    Yamaha TTR125ER: Tagged for off road use

    Ok, seriously? Your a private investagator and cant even track down public info? And then, on top of that, come on one of the largest motorcycle/off road websites and announce that your about to do a sting on stolen dirt bikes in Wa.? :worthy: Sorry to be so negative, but thats pretty dang funny! Please, dont work with outlaw motorcycle clubs ok!
  6. So....my 205 lbs is really pushing it huh! So far, we both seem happy together!
  7. Ok, to be fair, I like all the brands, im not favoring one or the other, but looking to upgrade from my sons TTR 50, staying with a semi auto 4 stroke. The Yamaha list around 1899.00 plus all the crap. My local Kawasaki has a 2007 110 for 1499.00 or the 08 for 1799.00 Size wise there both perfect. But with the Kawi having case mounted foot pegs, one less gear, and kick only, its really not that much more a bargain, so anyone with some insight I would love to read it before making a purchase, thanks, Shawn
  8. sknight88

    Air cleaner and kick start question 300EX

    Funny thing is it runs great with that sock! Found a few on Ebay today bt gonna check my local Honda shops price first. I hate going in there, I hope all Honda shops arent as arrogant as my local one. For the record, I have atv's, dirt bikes and street bikes of all makes. But this dealer almost kept me from buying this Honda just knowing I would need parts from there!
  9. Hello! Great forum you have here. I just picked up a used 300 EX for the wife, think its 2002. After being stuck 2 miles back in the woods due to a dead battery, why the heck isnt there a kick start? Can I add one? Second, upon inspecting the air cleaner assembly, the previous owner put a sock over the metal screening? By sock, I mean sock, like for your feet! So I took it off, re assembled and tried it out. Could here it sucking more air but it ran worse (assumably changed the air/fuel mixture?) So I put it back on and it runs great! So....what is supposed to be there? A foam type filter over the metal? Thanks!
  10. My boy just turned 9 this month, was on a TTR 50 and his 90cc quad. Been thinking about the new TTR 110 4 speed, semi auto, 4 stroke etc. Was at our local riding area and a kid showed up on one and they swapped for about 2 hours. He loved it. Fit him well, handled great etc. I also let him do my TTR 125, but he's way to short and I had to run around like a idiot catching him! Heres a pic for size reference..
  11. sknight88

    Mouth piece while riding?

    Wow, thanks for the links and all the comments. E/R is done, family doctor is done, Dentist is on Wednesday. Gonna try it for sure.
  12. Any one do it? Today while riding my 9 year old got a little to crazy on a 6/7 foot high jump, to much gas, over shot the sloped landing and came down 4 wheel flat on flat ground. His 90 Polaris isnt exactly set up for jumps that far/high and everything bottomed out, and he proceeded to smash his bottom teeth into his top teeth, snapping both of them in half. Not cool since there his adult teeth. Would a football style mouth guard help? Thanks. Oh, and any dentist on the board who want to chime in, advice would be great about now.
  13. sknight88

    12" front tire on TTR50?

    I looked into into because in Florida we have sugar sand galore, and the ten inch wheels just dont cut it. I did find a 12 inch rim that would lace up, but the biggest problem is it puts the knobbys very very close to the head/engine. So I never did proceed with it. I know that aint much help to ya......sorry.
  14. sknight88

    ttr110 with marzocchi forks

    Hows the bike in general? My boy is dying to upgrade his TTR50.
  15. sknight88

    TTR50 ten to 12 inch rim conversion?

    Well Ive read about 50 pages and only saw a brief mention of this. My son loves his 50, but we ride at Croom in Florida, its sugar sand city, and his ten inch wheel just cant do it. Ive offered to upgrade him to a TTR90, but he wants his 50. Has this been done? There aint a lot of room between the swingarm. Is there bigger ten inch tires out there? Do i do the rim and have it respoked or can I get the whole thing? Thanks.