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  1. mxboy100

    What oil capacity in cc's?

    well actually, i did do a search, but all i found was oil capacities on 04's and 05's, and was unsure if they were different or not. But thanks, i ended up figuring it out.
  2. mxboy100

    What oil capacity in cc's?

    Hey guys, got a crf250 06, and was doing the oil change on it, i know the manual gives you quarts, but does anyone have this converted to cc's? What do you guys with 06's put in for your engine and tranny oil as far as cc's? Thanks Tyler
  3. mxboy100

    Huuuuggee Problem

    cool. Im 17 and my first day my crf had a valve break off and go through the whole motor and tear everything up, and now its at the bike shop in hopes of getting a new motor from honda.
  4. mxboy100

    What to do?

    wow, thats interesting, i knew they changed the pipes, and have only heard like rumors about the other info there. Crazy. Hmmm, well im not too worried about hop-ups, since dad is payin for it, i am basically only allowed to get either 05 with a pipe for 500 bux, or a 06, and nothin else, so i would have to throw down the extra money for fixes and hop-ups, like radiator braces and clutch springs, etc. But im still open minded, so keep the info and opinions coming. Thankyou robatki I am just stoked to be gettin a bike again, after dad selling my yz125 2 years ago to be able to pay off bills, now im gettin back into, finally..
  5. mxboy100

    What to do?

    Hey guys, Alright, ive got a choice between either a 05 crf250 or 06 250f. 05 250f for $5300, and then a dr. d pipe OR 06 250f for $5800 (got pops to plunk down on a about 5800 bux, i dont mind paying a little here and there to fix problems, but not too major) Which one to get I would really like to get the 06 cuz of the cool factor of dual pipes, and better resale. But what is needed to solve the 06 problems, and about how much, and please make it not too expensive. Not like a carb mod for only 600 bux or something rediculous. This bike will be used for tracks only, and some hard racing on track every once in a while, this bike will probably be ridden hard and fast. So which one? Thank you
  6. mxboy100

    Pipe for the 05 crf 250

    Hey, Im getting an 05 crf 250, whats the hot exhaust for the bike? This bike will only be ridden on tracks, and will be raced occassionally, hard racing conditions, for a decently fast rider or 140 pounds. Thanks Ty