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  1. jjetski

    Suzuki RMX450Z 2010

    It's been a great bike, use it mainly off road which is what it was designed for.
  2. jjetski

    Suzuki RMX450Z (2010)


    It's been a great bike, use it mainly off road which is what it was designed for.
  3. jjetski


    How is the sound on the yosh? I had the full yosh on my drz400, i liked it but it was very loud,to loud to go through the woods unnoticed.
  4. jjetski


    Has anyone tried any after market exhaust on there rmx450, slip ons or full systems ? If so what brand and was there a noticeable power increase.
  5. Thanks, great info does any one know what the difference between the hot cams stage 1 or 2 and the e cams.
  6. Was Wondering If The Ltz And The Drz E Cams Are The Same, I Have A Buddy That Needs Some Cams In His S. He Has The Athena 440 Big Bore Kit With The Stock Cams, Are The Hotcams Any Better Than The E Cams? Any Info Is Appreciated.
  7. jjetski

    Installed Athena Big Bore Kit, Is Jetting Ok?

    I Did The 3x3 With Jet Kit First, The Athena Kit Makes No Mention Of Any Jetting Changes, I Live In Northern Wi So The Altitude Is Around 1500. I Also Put The Thinner Base Gasket In For The Higher Compression. Any Other Info Would Be Appreciated.
  8. I Just Installed Athena's Big Bore Kit On A 2000 S With Stock Cams, 3x3 Mod And Jet Kit For Stock Pipe, Will I Have To Change The Jetting? I Have A Bog Off Idle, And Also Will The Yosh Ti Pipe Make A Big Difference In Performance With The Larger Bore Or Would I Be Better Off With The Fcr Carb And E Cams? I Would Like To Do It All But Can't Afford It All Right Away, Which One First.
  9. jjetski

    Are gas tanks interchangable

    Can anyone tell me if a E gas tank and shrouds will fit on a S? I have a 2006 Drz400s and would like to get rid of the steel tank and put the plastic one on. I have been doing some of the mods seen here on the forums, I did the 3x3 and the fcr carb from thumper talk. very happy with the results. This is a great site, thanks.
  10. jjetski

    06 Drz400S, What did you pay ?

    Just thought i would let you know i just bought a new 06 s for $4900 from Verns in Antigo, WI, i thought it was a pretty good deal.