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    It's been a great bike, use it mainly off road which is what it was designed for.
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    It's been a great bike, use it mainly off road which is what it was designed for.
  2. How is the sound on the yosh? I had the full yosh on my drz400, i liked it but it was very loud,to loud to go through the woods unnoticed.
  3. Has anyone tried any after market exhaust on there rmx450, slip ons or full systems ? If so what brand and was there a noticeable power increase.
  4. Thanks, great info does any one know what the difference between the hot cams stage 1 or 2 and the e cams.
  5. Was Wondering If The Ltz And The Drz E Cams Are The Same, I Have A Buddy That Needs Some Cams In His S. He Has The Athena 440 Big Bore Kit With The Stock Cams, Are The Hotcams Any Better Than The E Cams? Any Info Is Appreciated.
  6. I Did The 3x3 With Jet Kit First, The Athena Kit Makes No Mention Of Any Jetting Changes, I Live In Northern Wi So The Altitude Is Around 1500. I Also Put The Thinner Base Gasket In For The Higher Compression. Any Other Info Would Be Appreciated.
  7. I Just Installed Athena's Big Bore Kit On A 2000 S With Stock Cams, 3x3 Mod And Jet Kit For Stock Pipe, Will I Have To Change The Jetting? I Have A Bog Off Idle, And Also Will The Yosh Ti Pipe Make A Big Difference In Performance With The Larger Bore Or Would I Be Better Off With The Fcr Carb And E Cams? I Would Like To Do It All But Can't Afford It All Right Away, Which One First.
  8. Can anyone tell me if a E gas tank and shrouds will fit on a S? I have a 2006 Drz400s and would like to get rid of the steel tank and put the plastic one on. I have been doing some of the mods seen here on the forums, I did the 3x3 and the fcr carb from thumper talk. very happy with the results. This is a great site, thanks.
  9. Just thought i would let you know i just bought a new 06 s for $4900 from Verns in Antigo, WI, i thought it was a pretty good deal.