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  1. Wow, lookin good for first race! really nice!. What the name of the song in first vid? i know it, but i just cant think of the name of it lol and sorry about ur collorbone surfglobe what a bummer!
  2. wow, thats awsome lookin! Id love to have that haha, not sure how it would look, but a kool idea i to give the frame like a fade look, from black to redish, or maybe something like that, i dont know, prob wouldnt look right , o wellz, lol
  3. wow, fast replys! lol, thanks for the advice. Like the sound of No-toil, sounds great, think ill have a look at it thanks again
  4. Hey everyone, im fairly new to the site, have an RM85L, live in NC. love the site. anywayz, to the point =) ... i was wondering if any of you have any suggestions on what air filter i should possibly get, by your expierence, something that will last for awhile as well as perform well. Sorry if this has been asked before, i searched didnt really find what i was looking for(prob just didnt search long enough) , sorry if it has been. thanks for any advice!
  5. awsome vid, all the vids are pretty awsome anyways, was wondering if anyone knew the name of the song i nthe prospect video? ..thanks guyz
  6. Still Frame by trapt ...thats da song xD