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  1. thorracer21

    First race Vid

    Wow, lookin good for first race! really nice!. What the name of the song in first vid? i know it, but i just cant think of the name of it lol and sorry about ur collorbone surfglobe what a bummer!
  2. thorracer21

    what do you think

    wow, thats awsome lookin! Id love to have that haha, not sure how it would look, but a kool idea i guess...is to give the frame like a fade look, from black to redish, or maybe something like that, i dont know, prob wouldnt look right , o wellz, lol
  3. thorracer21

    Air Filter?

    wow, fast replys! lol, thanks for the advice. Like the sound of No-toil, sounds great, think ill have a look at it thanks again
  4. thorracer21

    Air Filter?

    Hey everyone, im fairly new to the site, have an RM85L, live in NC. love the site. anywayz, to the point =) ... i was wondering if any of you have any suggestions on what air filter i should possibly get, by your expierence, something that will last for awhile as well as perform well. Sorry if this has been asked before, i searched didnt really find what i was looking for(prob just didnt search long enough) , sorry if it has been. thanks for any advice!
  5. thorracer21

    Offcial 85cc video thread!

    awsome vid, all the vids are pretty awsome anyways, was wondering if anyone knew the name of the song i nthe prospect video? ..thanks guyz
  6. thorracer21

    cool crash video

    Still Frame by trapt ...thats da song xD