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  1. I found the Jd Jet kit with air box mods and a pro circuit pipe gave me tremendous power. Just uncorking the exhaust I lost alot of torque but when I put on the Pro circuit slip on not only did I get the torque back, I actually got more. With a good pull my bike will pull up in 5th and wheelie all day long. but.... if you hit the throttle from a idle the bike dies. My buddies 450x does the same thing and my modded bike also does it. I have tried everything I can possibly think of and nothing seems to get rid of the off throttle bog. -T
  2. Your JD jet kit will not solve the problem either. Sorry to break it to you. It will give you tremendous power though with air box mods but I have been beating my head against the wall trying to solve this issue and have spent more money and time than I care to admit. I about ready to burn my bike a go back to 2 strokes. -T
  3. Please post the solution if you find it for the stalling. My 06-450x is having the same problem. I feel that I cannot ride the bike aggressively for fear of going over the bars before a hit. Its a real bummer trying to clear a double and stalling the bike. T-